Science and Technology have a prominent and remarkable impact on every sector of industries since the beginning of time. Many hypothetical ideas that were once labeled as fictitious are being firmly incorporated in construction sectors because the pace at which technology is being upgraded is unimaginably brisk. It is estimated in 2010 that global construction industries would sprout from 7.5 trillion USD to 11 trillion USD in 2020 that is approximately 3.5% in 2018 as compared to previous year. Definitely, in 2018 numerous projects can be seen in construction industry focused more on technology rather than laborers.

List of 7 construction trends one should keep their eyes peeled on are:

Automatic and Self-Governing Vehicles

To ensure the safety aspects and skillfulness, autonomous vehicles are picking up the attention of every industry and most probably have the potential to be seen in a number of projects in 2018. Just like driverless cars, these vehicles will address the problem of scarcity of proficient labor and ensure productivity. Many sample models of bulldozers and cranes are designed for the purpose but then again cost, practical adoption and maintenance will remain an uncompromising obstacle.

Autonomous vehicles

Image Source: CSIRO [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Powered Exo-Suits

Another, back in 2008, more of a concept and less of a reality construction trend which might be seen in 2018 is Exoskeleton. To ease the strain of labor class, a wearable suit to lift large equipment with much lesser difficulty are now on its feet to become a reality. It is going to provide a wide variety of favors, for an example, supports day-to-day iterative tasks and along with those health safety will be ensured and physical pressure on labor will be reduced too. Nowadays, approximately around 50 industries are designing exo-suits throughout the globe.

exoskeleton construction

Image Source: Ekso Bionics on flickr

Augmented Plus Virtual Reality

The innovations to make virtual-walk-through possible was first introduced in 1968. All these years since then many advancements in the technology were made and finally, in 2018, it is most likely to be seen in motion in construction industries. Basically VR creates an environment or room on a cardboard in which people can feel like stepping into buildings in the future even during the construction stages whereas and AR is a graphically layered view of the same which gives ample amount of information to site personnel- ranging from information regarding designing and its specifications to enumeration of productivity and health safety.

Virtual Reality ideas

Image Source: By OyundariZorigtbaatar [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Aerial Vehicles

Although drones have been around for many years, in 2018 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles commonly known as UAVs are expected to become a huge success in construction industries. To decrease the manual workload like surveying, collecting data on massive lands, progress reporting, drones will be used in 2018. UAVs will also assure safety for they can be used in unsafe areas where actual labor cannot conduct surveys. Apart from these benefits, more advanced aerial vehicles with GPS fitting are being designed which not only can lift several pounds but also transport them from one place to another.

drone construction trends

Image Source: Dennis Jarvis on flickr

Bionic Human Beings

Robots are also picking up progress in construction sectors like bricking and track layering which in 2018 will not only enhance the construction but also the efficiency and the productivity. Safety aspect will be inclined since manual labor will only supervise the work while the robots perform the tasks. Additionally, In-situ fabricators have successfully designed a robot which has the potential to type accurately.

Green Construction

The revolution of using eco-friendly materials to construct buildings or new houses is elevating. Starting from solar power to geothermal sources; from green insulation to cool roofs etcetera will not only bring changes in the environment but also save non-biodegradable sources of energy for the future generation which are on the verge of extinction. In this technology, the most likable will be Cool roofs which have potential to absorb the temperature over 150 degrees and reduce it by 50 degrees which ultimately save money on electricity bills and helps cleanse the atmosphere. Other than this, the heap of waste scrap, unused material, ready to be dumped can be processed and utilized again without contaminating the environment.

Three-Dimensional Printing

3D printing- the modern technology to create objects physically with digitally computed sources is also leveling up and will probably take its deserved place in the industries in 2018. The relationship between the companies and their clients will be enhanced since 3D printing can provide a more experimented view of design which can save upto 50% of the cost. In addition to this, its future to make habitat possible in Mars in next 100 years is also a big project, say scientists.

3d printer construction

Image Source: By 3DPrinthuset (Denmark) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

All in all, 2018 has much more amazing technologies and equipment for construction industries. Progress rate of this year is going to be much higher than past years, so one needs to keep an eye out and see where technology will be heading us.

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