Turn Your Home Green this St. Patrick’s Day

Green home decor ideas
Image credit: Eugene Varkovich

If the St. Patrick’s Day hullabaloo has you seeing green, and you don’t want that to stop, you’re in luck (of the Irish, that is): here are stunning, emerald-laden interior photos that will help you find a way to bring green into your own home. Whether it’s a touch of the hue in the form of a light fixture or an entire grass-colored wall, there are plenty of ways to use green in your home’s interior design.

Bright green cupboards and walls can brighten any bathroom or laundry room.


Or, instead of a single cupboard, transform an entire wall with an inspired, lime storage space.

Kitchen cabinets go from purely functional to focal point when they wear a sweet shade of aqua.


green home design

Image credit: Stanislav Kaminskyi

Dunn house in Palm Beach, FL. Designed by Lindsey Herrod for Celerie Kemble. Styled by Liz Strong

Dunn house in Palm Beach, FL. Designed by Lindsey Herrod for Celerie Kemble.
Styled by Liz Strong

Or, storage spaces can hide an eye-catching surprise when their interiors are painted emerald. We also love the coordinating clock on the shelf.

Another subtle way to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day’s iconic color involves adding a bright light fixture to a subdued space.


Green accent wall

Image credit: Eugene Varkovich

A deep-green accent wall can liven up even the most muted color palette. Also note the daring green-and-pink pairing with this funky chair.

Gorgeous greens also provide the perfect backdrop for opulent wall finishes.

What’s black, white, and … um, yellow-green? … all over? This modern living room, that’s what. This arresting wall and cabinet color pairs with the light blue on the sofa pillow and edges of the rug, which incorporates the stools, done in the same bluish hue.

If green is your favorite color, this could be the room for you. Pillows, bedding, window treatments and wall coverings all go green in this sleeping space.

Sometimes Mother Nature provides the greatest shades of green. This chic great room uses foliage to add a pop of deep green to a wall in the kitchen area. Create your own vertical garden and bring this idea into your home.

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Sometimes a simple dash of green in an area rug is all a room needs to wake up.

Or some bright furniture. These near-neon sofas work because the rest of the area is done in simple, muted tones.

Children love green, too! Create a serene sleeping space for your little one with green bedding or walls.

kids' room interior design

Image credit: Eugene Varkovich

Or bring the outdoors inside with a nature-inspired nook.

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