Ultimate Living Room Furniture Ideas Round Up

living room furniture
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In this ultimate living room furniture ideas round up, let’s start with a sofa, the probably hardest piece of furniture to choice for your living room due to its size and difficulty to displace regularly. An L-shape couch is a great way to visually divide the space without compromising the functionality of it; however, they look great also if positioned against a corner, maximizing the seating without taking up too much space.

Sectionals –sofas that can be set up in different shapes— can easily accommodate the setup of the room.  The sectional chosen in this round up is not only reversible (you can orient it “left facing” or “right facing”) but also works as a sleeper sofa, which is great for hosting guests. Also, the parts are detachable, which allows you to play with many configurations and create two separate furniture pieces.

sleeper sofa

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Accent chairs are essential in any living room. Whether you go for arm chairs, slipper chairs, side chairs or unique pieces of design, make sure they are comfortable and functional (or at least most of them must be, as with accent chairs you are allowed to have an exclusive high-end design piece which might not be as comfortable as it should, given its primary purpose).

In this case, we present 4 accents chairs of different materials, shapes and price ranges, yet perfectly combinable thanks to their neutral colors, delicate design, and contemporary style.

This mid-century styled armchair has a modern makeover inspired by clean lines and a hint of subtle radiance. There are many colors available, but the Klein Azure is definitively our favorite.

mid-century styled armchair

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This side chair in brown leather is a beauty that doesn’t need any other piece of furniture to justify its presence in your living room. The combination of the rough smoothness of the leather with the glossy hardness of the metal gives a masculine touch that is perfectly balanced.

side chair in brown leather

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Speaking of furniture that speaks for itself… The Barcelona chair, an iconic design from one of the greatest architects in history, Herr Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Usually found in black or in white, we have chosen this masterpiece in brown tint to match the interior we want to create without making the rest of the furniture overshadowed by its magnificent presence. The Barcelona chair is edited by the famous brand Knoll, and belongs to their collection Knoll Space — featuring furniture by Harry Bertoia, Frank Gehry, Maya Lin, Mies van der Rohe and Eero Saarinen, manufactured to the designers’ exacting standards.

You can also find it cheaper, in chrome.


Barcelona chair

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Keeping up with the idea of full leather chairs on the metal support, the next armchair completes the frame. The Charles leather arm chair exhibits a sleek silhouette, featuring premium bicast leather upholstery.

charles leather arm chair

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Who doesn’t love spending a chilly evening on the couch wrapped up in a soft blanket? The throw blanket should be a common item in every home as it can act as part of the décor while also keeping you warm.

When looking for a sofa throw, think about how it will be used to make sure you get the perfect one. Cotton throw blankets tend to be more durable and hold up to heavy use and washing. Other fabrics will not be as durable and may work better for decorative accents. We suggest this beautiful fake fur blanket, which goes great with the interior look that we are trying to achieve.

beautiful fake fur blanket

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If you are not a fan of furs, here is a model in cotton.

beautiful fake fur blanket

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Leather pillows are a popular accent used in many homes. When used as throw pillows they are comfortable and add a new level of stylish decoration to your home. When shopping for leather pillows, it pays off to look at the quality of the leather to be sure you get a durable product that looks stylish. You just need one or two so it doesn’t look overdone.

leather pillows

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Lounge chairs are comfortable and stylish alternatives to traditional couches or chairs. They are well-known by their signature look, which includes the long arching back and the platform for your legs and feet. These comfortable seating arrangements are perfect for any room in your home, especially living rooms and libraries.

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We chose this model because of its simplicity (it doesn’t compete with the rest of your décor) and versatility (perfect if you want to lay down, if you want to use it as seating for two or three people, if you plan on piling some books on it, or if you want it to serve purely as decoration)

Living Room Furniture

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Finally, there is no good living area if it’s not defined by a low table. This simple table of pure shapes and minimalist metal frames are ideal for a modern interior, but they are versatile enough for classic rooms too.  

low table

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So what do you get when you combine all of these pieces together? A cool, modern and relaxed living room:

modern and relaxed living room


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