In case you didn’t notice, we’re really excited for spring! As much as we love curling up by fireplaces on chilly nights, we’re more than ready for the decluttering, bright pops of color, and (of course) landscape design that come with the spring season. We’re getting some of our inspiration from Tulip Town, the Mount Vernon, Wash., tulip farm that saw its earliest opening day in its 35-year history this year. With nine of its 30 acres dedicated to bright tulips, few places will inspire you to get out there and dig in the dirt like this place. And if you’re ready to whip your outdoor space into shape after perusing’s piece about Tulip Town, be on the lookout for Kukun’s expert tips on landscape design and maintenance, which will claim the front page of our Magazine section in coming weeks.

Now, onto cool stuff that other people are doing. One of our favorite bloggers, Linda Merrill, wrote a great post about her adventures at the Architectural Digest Home Show and Dining By Design event in New York last week. While we’re sad that we missed the events, we do love her recap and the photos of the stunning table vignettes that designers around the country created for the Dining By Design event (especially Noelia Ibanez’s glam-tastic table sponsored by Fendi Casa and Manhattan Magazine. Wow!).

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The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University is also up to some cool stuff, like telling us which areas of the country do the most remodeling, and who spends the most. A recent post on the Center’s Housing Perspectives blog about its annual “state of the industry” report, called Emerging Trends in the Remodeling Market, said, “On average, just under one in three homeowners undertook one or more projects in 2013, and the average amount spent per owner was around $2,500.” Other interesting tidbits from the report include that average per-owner spending was highest on the coasts, but that more homeowners take on projects in the interior markets of the country, such as Denver, Phoenix, and Indianapolis. No matter where you are, you’ll likely want to know what your renovation project will cost in your area before walls come down. And just in case you haven’t heard (wink, wink), we can help with that with our Estimator.

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