If you’ve visited mykukun.com before, you may have noticed a few changes this week (ahem, our spiffy new homepage). That’s just the beginning – we’ll be telling you all about our virtual renovation (and how the changes we’re working on will make your home renovation projects so much easier) soon, but for now, let’s take a look at the neat things going on recently in the world of home renovation.

It’s no secret that renovation makes for good television. In fact, some Australian authorities are saying there are too many reno shows for the treasury and television execs to handle. Fortunately for ambitious reno-show junkies, one home blogger outlined the differences between a “reality” show and real-life reno on her blog, thecrazynutsmom.com. Her discoveries include that timelines for renovations are much more arduous than they seem on television, and living in a space that’s being remodeled isn’t the easiest. Looking for even more tips on how to prepare for and survive your renovation? We’ve got you covered.

But before any walls come down, you have to decide which renovations to take on. Maybe you’re focused on which ones will give you the greatest return on investment (we’re debuting a handy tool soon that will help you figure that out), or maybe you have just always wanted a home gym. Apartment Therapy is giving you something more to consider before you get started on your renovation – the publication described home upgrades that people don’t actually use, and thinking about them ahead of time could keep you from making costly reno decisions. So before you pop for that built-in kitchen desk, think about your day to day.

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And if you’re done thinking about your renovation and just want to look at a pretty one, check out 1 Kind Design’s piece about a beautiful, modern San Francisco home transformation. The one bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home features a sleek office and a kitchen that will make you want to cook, designed by Jennifer Weiss Architecture (a firm that also offers art advising in addition to architecture services).

Come across something interesting that you’d like us to know about? We’re all ears. Share your favorite interior design, real estate, home renovation, architecture, and art news with us in the comments, or send us a tweet.

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