You may have noticed that we’ve been kicking the term “ROI” around a bit lately – from sharing real estate expert Ivan Estrada’s five favorite projects to increase your home’s value, to telling the story behind our Projected Home Value feature (basically, we crunched a whole bunch of numbers and looked at a laundry list of factors in order to give Kukun users a way to quickly and easily see how different remodeling projects alter the value of their homes).

When determining which home improvement projects to take on, it’s important to think about balance – which projects are going to make your home feel like you, and which are the best investments? These two aren’t always one and the same. Trulia writer Meaghan Agnew knows a thing or two about this balancing act, and put together a list of Eight Home Features That Are Worth the Splurge, which talks about projects that will give you great resale value and will “enhance your quality of life” even if you’re not ready to sell. And if you’re looking for an outdoor project that you’re likely to get your money back out of, while upping your home’s curb appeal, check out Inman’s roundup of outdoor projects with the best ROI. And, of course, you can estimate what those projects will cost and do to the value of your home with Kukun’s tools.

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If your home improvement plans involve new shingles for your roof, check out what Homestars has to say about warranties. There are a number of things to consider before you even hire a pro to start the installation process, and failure to read the fine print could leave you with a leaky roof and little or no recourse.

If your projects involve painting, check out My Paint Saint, an innovative new way to paint walls with less mess. This product has already exceeded its $20,000 goal on Kickstarter, and that’s not surprising. With “drip catchers” attached to the handles of high-quality synthetic paint brushes (said to eliminate the need to buy more brushes for touch-ups), and a fancy gasket that helps keep paint from separating, touching up the paint in your home just got a lot easier.

And from paint brushes to a beautiful apartment, check out what interior designer David Netto told Town&Country about his recent project and redefining “American chic” (just try not to drool over the beautiful photos).

Come across something interesting that you’d like us to know about? We’re all ears. Share your favorite interior design, real estate, home renovation, architecture, and art news with us in the comments, or send us a tweet.

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