External cladding systems is a layer or a skin which is non-load bearing and is attached to the outside of the house for protection against the weather and for shedding water. This enhances the appeal of a home and also increases its value. The external cladding chosen can influence the environment to a large extent. Secondary roles of a cladding are the thermal and sound insulation, capacity for the purpose of cleaning and resistant to fire. Opting for a specific cladding needs to be done only by considering the environment and the elevation of a home.

Choosing External Cladding for A Home

As you have a wide range of cladding available, it is important to consider the following factors before making a choice.

  1. Color:

The color of the cladding chosen has a direct impact on its capacity to reflect or absorb heat. Lighter colors work out ideal for any home. You can also look for reflective surfaces. These are apt for hotter climates. Dark colors are suitable for places which experience harsh winters.

  1. Aesthetics:

    wall cladding

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As these are available in a wide range of styles and designs it is advisable to consider the overall look of a home before opting for a cladding. 

  1. Profile or Texture:

External claddings are also available in different textures and profiles that create horizontal, vertical or angled patterns. 

Weathertex Cladding:

The weathertex cladding is one choice which is favored by most of the homeowner. These claddings are almost 97% timber and only 3% wax, which is specifically for repelling water. Most of these claddings are available primed while some of the manufacturers offer the un-primed type. This un-primed Weathertex cladding offers an uncharacteristic and raw timber look.

Weathertex External Cladding Types:

weathertex cladding

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The weathertex external claddings are available in three different kinds- Classic, Selflok, and Primelok. A traditional weatherboard sans the imperfections of grains and knots are the classic claddings. The Selflok weatherboards manufactured with a system which is self-locking with each weatherboard routed to offer a ship laded profile which is unique. The Primelok weatherboard is manufactured with a system which is primelok fixing. The plastic spline on each of these weatherboards offers easy installation.

Some Benefits of Weathertex Claddings:

Weathertex claddings are beneficial to a large extent.

  1. Durability and sustainability are two major benefits offered by the Weathertex claddings.
  2. The Weathertex cladding is natural and these claddings do not have any impact on the environment.
  3. This cladding does not contain any artificial binders or glue.
  4. As all the starches and sugars are removed when manufacturing these claddings, they tend to be resistant to termites.
  5. You are offered a 25-year guarantee with this cladding.
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Looking for Suppliers:

Before opting for a weathertex external cladding it is important to ensure that you are offered these claddings with a thickness of 9.5mm as these products are not available according to specific measurements. The sealant needs to be applied by following the instructions of the manufacturer. The gaps require a flexible sealant. The weathertex cladding available can be applied not only to timber frames but also steel frames.

You can think of conducting an online search for these claddings. There are multiple suppliers listed here. This helps you to compare the prices and also the quality of the claddings offered. You need to be aware that these claddings need to be painted only after 15 years or so. This helps in maintaining the looks. To ensure you are making the right choice of the supplier it is important that you go through the different reviews and ratings.

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