Model Kate Moss Becomes an Interior Designer

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Home renovation comes with a certain set of unknowns – sometimes, those unknowns are not-so-pleasant surprises, like mold or dry rot. Other times, they’re a lot more interesting, as one Oregon couple and internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei recently discovered.

According to the Shanghaiist, Weiwei discovered some well-installed audio spying equipment in his Beijing home during his renovation, and took to Instagram to have a bit of fun with it. Across the world, Oregon renovation enthusiasts Harold and Jean Wood discovered a bit of their 1918 European-farmhouse-style home’s history during the demolition phase – a pole covered in names underneath a fascia wrap. The couple is currently seeking info on who the names belong to, in an attempt to learn more about the house’s background, according to the Statesman Journal.

If your home improvement projects have left you with a less-desirable outcome – namely, a pile of wood – get ready to get creative. DIY Passion bloggers Erin Trafford and Dan Basquill have plenty of ideas on how you can put that newfound lumber to work, from making a super-cool mirror to amping up your shelving’s style. Best of all, there are some superhandy infographics included to help you get the gist right quick. Check out their piece on

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In interior design news, supermodel Kate Moss is making headlines with her first foray into the profession. Moss collaborated with design company Yoo to create a stunning, eclectic barn house interior in the U.K. The pictures are definitely drool-worthy, and you can check them out on the website for Harper’s Bazaar.

If Moss’ new endeavor inspires you to take on one of your own – like, say, redecorating your home – visit Viyet, a high-end consignment furniture company that gets you the goods you usually can’t find anywhere. Does your living room need vintage Biedermeier club chairs? This company has you covered. And if you need some help shopping for your fancy new-to-you furniture, don’t miss Kukun’s new Kukun Academy piece about selecting furniture.

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