As the trend for modular kitchens took a raise, granite worktops starting gaining popular too. People wanted to invest money in their kitchens and buying a durable worktop no matter how costly was their goal. Being a natural stone, granite does give the countertops a much distinct look. Quartz on the other hand always challenged granite. It might be an engineered stone but it still gives a fantastic look to the kitchen.

The decision is however not easy. Both are strong materials and their durable nature makes it a perfect choice. So how do you choose between the two? Granite is a natural stone which makes it more appealing for people and is a tough competition to quartz. However, despite being a man-made material, quartz has proved its superiority over the natural stones.

Quartz is a manmade material that contains over 93% of natural components. It is made to ensure the right color and consistency. They are hence durable, waterproof and stain free. If they are kept properly they can be as durable as granite. The material is strong enough to not get a mark from the knife and since it is non-porous, it is a hygienic substance.

Other advantages of having a quartz worktop

The quartz kitchen countertops do not need re-sealing and can save you a lot of maintenance cost. Here are the types of quartz worktops that you can choose from:

Compac quartz

Compac quartz is elegant and also resilient. They are harder than the natural stone and come in a huge variety of colors so that they can go with all types of home decor. It is an enhanced version of quartz that has all its aesthetics and has been improvised for high abrasion. They look beautiful on the counter and are also scratch resilient which makes them last for a longer period.

Quarella worktops

These are one of the most durable worktops are not only used in the kitchen but also preferred for a restroom and some commercial sites. They are a popular choice and also a practical one. It has minimal absorption which makes it high moisture and stain resilient. They are also low maintenance. It comprises 95% quartz granules and 5% glass and pebble particles which offers them in assorted sizes and various colors. The diversity of the quarella worktops makes them a perfect cheap worktop option.

Thanks to the innovation in the manufacturing process, quartz despite being a man-made material can bear a lot of pressure and is highly resilient to wear and tear. They can put up with heat, and even sharp objects. Given the 5% mix of glass and pebble granules, they look beautiful and the shiny top cannot be damaged by daily use. They are non- porous which means they will not absorb the stains and is very easy to maintain. They are highly hygienic and are the best choice for a home with children.

They also require low maintenance cost. They can be wiped with water and mild detergents and do not require resealing every year. They come in a thickness of 20 mm to 30 mm and allow greater consistency in design, especially for bigger spaces.


Silestone is the global choice for quartz countertops. They are perfect for kitchen and bathroom and give a different look from the traditional natural stones. Their major feature is that they are extremely durable, mostly good for the places where there would be a lot of work like restaurants and public places. They are stainless and come with multiple color options.


Caesarstone worktops give a luxurious look to the kitchen. If you are looking for cheap worktops that are adaptable, long lasting and aesthetically appealing then Caesarstone quartz is a perfect choice for you. The unique style, variant colors, and combinations that they come are like an icing on the cake and can help you get the exact look you have been planning for your kitchen.

The mixture of ground quartz and polymers gives the hardest material an exquisite look to last a lifetime.

For those who want consistency in patterns and also want it to have a stylish and contemporary look, the engineered stone is an ideal choice for kitchen top. Unlike marble and granite that must be sealed regularly, quartz is naturally hygienic. Its non-porous nature makes it difficult for bacteria to grow and gives you the extra protection to the place where all our food is.

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