Bathroom remodel guide

Get all the facts straight about your bathroom remodel

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Once you’ve figured out the essentials, we can go deeper into the process. The next step in your bathroom remodel planning guide is to think about the following considerations:

  • What type of bathroom countertops do you want?
  • What kind of bathroom cabinets are you looking at?
  • Have you thought about the sink and other plumbing installation?
  • Where are you on planning the lighting installation?
  • Have you chosen from the many flooring materials available?
  • Would you prefer tiles for your design or are you considering wallpaper?
  • Have you considered open shelving?
  • What appliances do you have in mind?
  • Now that we've been through the basics and some of the trickier parts of improving your bathroom, let’s complete your bathroom remodel checklist by covering the ins and outs of the remodeling process. You should be thinking about things like:

  • The cost of your dream project
  • The permits needed to start your project
  • Considerations for taking down walls
  • Safety measures when remodeling
  • Financing options in case you need to go the extra mile
  • Which contractor fits your remodeling needs and how to find them
  • How your remodeling project will affect the value of your property
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    You came, you (hopefully!) learned something and now you’re ready to conquer your remodel. With all of this knowledge in mind, are you ready to get started on your dream Bathroom?

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