So you want to make a backyard playground that creates amazing memories for your children and their friends. Backyards can give young ones magical experiences, especially if you create a space that has plenty of fun activities. When some of us were children, we played games like kick the can and ghost in the graveyard. All we needed was our imaginations and an afternoon would just disappear from all the fun we were having.

Today, there are so many more options and ideas for parents to implement in their backyards that can transform the space behind and/or surrounding your home into the playground of a lifetime. Just check out the backyard playground ideas we’ve listed below and see if they might work in the space you are trying to convert into a fun zone.

Safety First

Kids safety in playground

As you start planning out this project it might be obvious to say that you should always be considering the safety of yours and other children that will be playing in your newly constructed playground but we are going to say it anyway. For extra safety measures to consider while renovating, take a look at our guide on Renovation Safety: 5 Important Factors To Consider.

Soft Grass

Surrounding all the play areas in your backyard with soft grass will surely help when children are running around. Because we all know what can happen to a running child. They fall and they tumble, which is always easier on thick soft grass.


To get this you need to invest in some good fertilizer. Of course, you don’t want to buy just any fertilizer in the store. Do your research. Getting a fertilizer that is filled with toxic ingredients would be working in the opposite direction than ensuring the safety of your children. You can read about some great organic fertilizers available here.

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Add Lights

The Sun is the night light of the daytime but, when the bright burning orb in the sky begins to disappear over the horizon there is no guarantee that the children playing in your yard are going to want to come inside. Of course, if it’s time to come in then you can tell them so but, in the summer, some of our best memories include playing with our friends as the nighttime set in.

There are inexpensive solar lighting options available, which are less expensive to run and better for the environment. Keeping the yard well lit is one of the best things you can do to keep your child safe while playing in their new playground.

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Build A Fence

outdoor playground

This safety measure might seem obvious as well but if you have toddlers then you definitely need a fence to keep them in. Of course, you wouldn’t let toddlers run around your yard without an adult to supervise but, the truth is, we all make mistakes and things happen. We are human after all. Keeping a safe fenced in yard gives your playground that extra level of security.

Fun Time

Now that we’ve discussed how to ensure the safety of your playground we hold start talking about the reason why we are reading this blog to begin with, the building of the actual playground. Here are a few ideas that we think you can implement in your backyard easily creating the playground of your children’s dreams.

outdoor playground

1. Chalkboard Fence

Now that you’ve installed the fence, one idea is to install a large chalkboard on the inside or your yard. The chalkboard doesn’t have to go around the entirety of the fence, but you can just use a portion and even put some cute colorful chairs and even build a small deck to make it seem like a special place. With some buckets and large chunks of colorful chalk, this area could lead to hours and hours of amusement.

2. Hiding Places

Who doesn’t love a secret space? Even as adults, don’t you wish you could find a private nook in a backyard and sit there for hours to read. Well, think of how fun a private place could be if you were eight and you had dolls to play with in there or if it was a place where you could plan your hunt for secret buried treasure.

Children have great imaginations and secret places feed these stories and create magical times with friends that they will remember for years.

3. Tire Swing

Nothing screams backyard fun like a tire swing. The best thing about it is, if you hang it correctly, the adults could have fun with it too. There are specific things you need to look out for when hanging a tire swing, like the type of tree you plan on hanging it from.

You should make sure the branch is thick and don’t ever attempt to do this on your own. Anytime you use a ladder, a spotter should be included. Do your research and, if you don’t have a tree to hang a swing on, then you can put in a swing set and call it a day.

4. Build Bridges

red bridge

If you have a backyard that can house a bridge that’s great, but contrary what you might think, you don’t need a humongous backyard to add this fun aesthetic. A small curved bridge made of wood put in a part of your yard will suffice and, to give the impression that the bridge is actually going over something, you can put it over a circle of rocks. If you have the means, you can build a tiny pond. Just think of all the exciting times your youngsters will have running over the bridge to their secret hiding places.


If given the right adjustments, even the smallest of backyards can be turned into a place where magic can happen. All you need is an imagination of your own and little elbow grease to make it happen.

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My sister though exactly the same about the grass for her children. Now, anybody has used mascarene grass? Horrible thing, it hurts when you lay down on it… be careful people…