Doors can be repaired regardless of their material, however it is common for hollow doors to suffer more damage than solid doors since their casing breaks easily. Here we bring you how to fix a hole in a door.

Hollow doors, made of a cardboard core, are easily breakable. This makes people wonder if the screw holes can be repaired as in solid core doors.

How to fix a hole in a wooden door?

wood door frame fix

The steps to fix a hole in a door are easy but must be methodical:

Step 1: Protect the floor from insulating glue, putty, and paint

It doesn’t matter if it is a towel, newspaper, paper, or any material but protects the surface from putty, paint, glue, and silicone. Leave the door on its hinges – you do not need to remove it to complete this fix.

Step 2: Clean the edges of the hole

Trim the selvages with a chisel, coarse sandpaper, or a utility knife. Create a bevel cut to remove chips for a better finish.

Step 3: protect the perimeter with paper inside the door

Crumple up some paper or towels and push lightly into the hollow area of the door. This will serve as a block to contain the foam that will serve as a filler.

Step 4: Fill the hole with insulation

Spray the low-expansion spray foam insulation into the hole using the straw supplied with the product. Start at the bottom of the hole slowly until the foam comes out and forms a spongy foam that will fill the gap, it should be allowed to expand and act for 10-15 minutes until it is no longer sticky to the touch.

Step 5: Trim the foam

The foam is like foamy, it will become like foam rubber allowing you to cut it, and trim the excess by pressing flush against the surface.

Step 6: Smooth, putty, and smooth

wooden door

Cover with carriage putty (it is more delicate than masonry putty) with a thin spatula and remove the excess. Sand with 120-grit sandpaper to remove the dried putty and create a smooth surface. Then apply another thin coat of material. Wait for it to dry, and sand once more. Run your fingers over the surface to make sure it is very smooth. Repeat this procedure until it is flush.

Step 7: Touch up with matching paint

Apply touch-up paint over the repaired hole to hide the last signs of the repair. For best results, apply two to four very light coats, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next.

How do you fill screw holes in a hollow door?

Just as with the door fillers we showed you earlier, this is done with every hole in a door, whether it is from blows, old screw holes, or cracks. This type of repair should be done calmly because of the type of expanding foam used.

What can I use to cover a hole in the door?

You will need these materials to make this type of arrangement

  • Knife
  • Drop cloth
  • Low-expansion aerosol foamy insulation
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Lightweight auto-body filler
  • Spackle
  • 120-grit sandpaper
  • Touch-up paint
  • 2-inch paintbrush

Now that you know how to fix a hole in a door you can repair all the doors in your house, with this same procedure you can apply it to hollow doors, some solid doors, and even to other repairs involving wood and holes in it.

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