Looking for more storage in your laundry room? Here are some designs for laundry room cupboards that will add not just more space but also style. 

Whether you want to install simple wall cabinets or unique laundry room cabinets, these storage solutions will inspire you to make the room more efficient and clutter-free.

Laundry room cupboards idea number one

Cupboard design
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Dimensions: 9.35ft X 6.73ft

Area: 62.92ft²

This utility room design is ideal for washing and ironing clothes. The practical and functional space can be located anywhere within the home.

Keep in mind that it’s important to have a design the user is comfortable with. And, the room has the necessary space for all the work involved. After all, the kind of utility the room offers and the time spent here are substantial. A well-planned laundry room will help reduce your laundry costs and time. And, increase your productivity.

Laundry room cupboard design 

Front view from the access
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

This cupboard design has cabinets, open shelves, and drawers – separately and as combinations. You can utilize the built-in storage for storing different items that one would need in a laundry room. These could be dirty linen, washed tablecloths, or detergents and softeners. 

The laundry room inclusions 

The access to the laundry room can be through sliding doors to utilize the space to the maximum. The dimension of the room can depend on the available space you have, the number of family members, the dimensions of laundry equipment, and the amount of laundry you plan to do on a regular basis. You can incorporate a sink and a faucet to rinse those tough spots away. A sink will also help make your chore easier to manage.

Therefore, you must have sufficient space to place the washer and dryer equipment, a sink, and a counter to organize different types of clothes. It’s a good idea to have baskets to classify the clothes by color, the delicacy of the fabric, and the washing cycles. Moreover, you also must have good space to fold, store, and hang clothes. And then some extra storage for keeping the cleaning supplies.

The decor 

left side view
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The color palette on the walls and ceiling have been kept white while the flooring has been done with laminated wood, in light tones. As you can see, the storage unit is a combination of white and wood tones that add a subtle touch to the room. The architect has incorporated a quartz countertop with gray veins to add to the effect.

The lighting

This laundry has great lighting with a skylight (3.45ft x 2.00ft) providing abundant natural lighting and two ceiling light fixtures on either side of the skylight for some bright artificial lighting. The skylight has black metal frames along the sides for a unique look. 

Our architect has added a dreamy touch with some indirect lighting through linear lights along the open shelves. The white light helps make the room brighter and more cheerful. You’ll not feel overwhelmed with the task of doing laundry week after week. 

The laundry room cupboard design

right side view
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The storage unit is divided into different parts – closed cabinets with doors, drawers at the bottom, and open shelves at the top. Our architect recommends using wood as the core material. 

The front segment of the cupboard has three wooden shelves in a light tone in an “L” shape, 1.97ft in one direction and 5.72ft in the other, with a distance of 0.87ft between them. It maintains a width of 0.98ft. There’s a free space measuring 6.73ft x 1.97ft, with a height of 3.36ft. It has a 0.13ft countertop to add to the homeowner’s efficiency while doing laundry. 

Then there are drawers that help organize the space. The open upper shelves at different levels complete the laundry interiors. 

Interestingly, the architect has left a vacant space of 1.71ft from the ceiling for some more free storage.

Laundry room cupboards idea number two

Laundry room design ideas
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Dimensions: 12.96ft X 6.07ft

Height:  9.84ft

Area: 78.67ft²

This laundry room is accessed through a private corridor that connects the utility room to the rest of the house.

The color scheme

Front view from the access
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The color palette comprises white and high-contrast steel blue. The walls and ceiling are white. Just the wall where the window is located is covered in gray wallpaper. The flooring is laminated wood, in light tones. 

A blue wooden built-in cupboard provides a refreshing contrast with the walls. There’s a quartz countertop with gray veins to complete the look. The architect recommends using light gray crown moldings and baseboards for a great finish.

Room lighting 

There’s enough natural light coming through a 5.91ft x 3.94ft window, at a height of 3.94ft, with a 0.33ft thick wooden frame and black metal frames.

The two ceiling lights measuring 0.66ft x 0.66ft are a great source of ambient lighting.  

There’s more lighting for the open shelves and the countertop over the washing machine. It beautifully brightens up the area for the folding of clothes and general organizing.

The cupboard design

left side view
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The storage unit is in the shape of an “L”, which occupies a front space of 12.96ft x 6.07ft, with a depth of 1.97ft.

From left to right, there’s a sink area with a counter which measures 6.98ft x 1.97ft and has a height of 2.95ft. The thickness of the countertop is 0.13ft. The laundry sink is 2.62ft x 1.64ft, located in the center of this space, just in front of the window. Interestingly, the sink faucet is black metal for a simple yet elegant vibe. The space has a sufficient number of drawers, each with black metal handles. 

A good part of the counter has free space for folding and organizing clothes. Next to it, there’s an area to keep the washer and dryer. You can see open shelves just above. These can be utilized to keep your regular cleaning supplies. 

And finally, there’s a double-door closet that can hold a lot more than just laundry paraphernalia. 

You can decorate the room with wall art, baskets, organizers, and plants to create a laundry room that makes doing laundry a joy.

Last thoughts

A good laundry room cupboard design can boost your room’s function, provide it with streamlined organization, and create a stylish look.

Moreover, your room looks clutter-free, there are no bad odors, and your clothes remain clean and neat. Also, you can keep the cleaning products out of the children’s reach – adding to your home’s safety. 

This dedicated room with its enormous storage can make laundry day convenient, efficient, and less of a chore. 

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