Do you ever want to tear down the walls of your pint-sized bathroom? A tiny powder room is ok, a small guest bathroom can be quite functional, but a cramped master bath is neither functional nor convenient. So, how to make a small bathroom look bigger?

Bathroom renovations can cost a fortune, and no matter how much you spend, compromises are always made depending on the size of this room. So, what can you do? Relax. with careful planning and smart decor and bathroom design ideas, you can alter the look of your bathroom — making your small room look bigger with more open space.

Here are eight clever ideas to make your small bathroom appear bigger and more beautiful.

1. Create continuity with the same design

bathroom tiles

If you want your small bathroom layout to appear bigger, you should create a natural uninterrupted flow between the floor and the walls. You will do that by choosing the same tile design and color. Ensure that the same flooring runs into the shower, and match the grout too, to avoid creating a surprising contrast.

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2. Choose pale paint colors

Dark colors can visually make any space look more confined and smaller. That’s why it is recommended to paint the bathroom walls white or with some other light-colored shade. Also, try to use the same or similar tones for the walls and ceiling. If you really want to add a pop of color, use one small object in the space (e.g. a light fixture, low cabinet).

3. Get a clear glass shower door

You might be tempted to add an opaque door to your shower to keep a certain sense of privacy, but doing so cuts the space in half, without giving you any real privacy (you can still see the main bathroom door). Instead, install a glass shower door that will instantly open up your small space and make it appear larger. A clear one is a better choice than a frosted glass door. Also, a sliding door will take up less space than a pull or push one.

The same rule applies for a shower curtain too. Keep it plain and simple and avoid large prints.

4. Opt for pedestal basin instead of a vanity

pedestal sink

The actual size and functionality of a bathroom reflect in its floor space. Vanities that go from the floor up, are stealing away that precious floor space and make the room tinier than it is. A pedestal basin is a neat alternative that leaves the floor clean. However, keep in mind that it does make you compromise on storage capacity. Which is why you will have to compensate for elsewhere.

5. Introduce a free-standing tub

We know what you’re thinking – wouldn’t a freestanding tub just take up more space than the built-in alternative? Well, maybe a couple of inches, maybe not. If you choose the right model (e.g. sculptural or square shape) the unconventional design of a chic freestanding bath can add aesthetic value to any bathroom, minimizing the need for further accessorizing, thereby making your small bathroom look bigger.

6. Go big and strategic on mirrors

bathroom mirror ideas

A tall expansive bathroom mirror that goes all the way up to the ceiling will make the bathroom feels bigger, especially if there is a light fixture, such as a pendant light in front of it. A large mirror will make the light bounce off  — creating a visual illusion of more space. If your bathroom has a window, you should place one mirror across the room from it to double the amount of natural light it’s receiving.

7. Use the wall for storage

bathroom wall shelves

Since you’ve lost a lot of storage space by giving up vanity, you should find alternative solutions for storing bathroom supplies. That can always be in-built wall shelves in the very shower or anywhere in the bathroom walls. Another idea for compensating the lost storing capacity is to install floating shelves. If you must have a linen closet or a medicine cabinet, choose the one that’s sleek and not very bulky.

8. Downsize the furniture

Think about it: do you really need that big space-invading tub or a major vanity? They will only make you trip, fall, and feel claustrophobic in your own bathroom. So, it is better to replace them with smaller alternatives. A simple clean-lined tub that can fit one average-height person can look just as elegant as a large one, especially because it fits well with the proportions of the room.

Last words

Your bathroom may be small, but it has a huge potential to look beautiful and much more spacious. Change the floor-covering vanity and unfortunate choice of the color palette — and create the best-looking washroom for your house. Just follow these tips and you’ll turn it into a true oasis without putting a dent on your bathroom remodel cost.

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Kairi Gainsborough
Kairi Gainsborough

These are great strategies to try if you really want to make your small bathroom seem bigger. Using light colors is a great idea, as is choosing a glass shower door. My bathroom currently has an oldfashioned shower/tub combo and a shower curation. I would love to upgrade it to a walk-in shower with a glass door. I can see how it would really open up the space. Pairing that with white tiles is sure to look great!