How to get your house ready to sell


Want to determine which home improvement projects to undertake to prepare your house to sell faster and at the best price? By answering a few simple questions, we will tell you what projects to consider, set a budget to get them done and, if you want, we can recommend a contractor or loan if you need one.

Selling your home requires careful planning and a thoughtful approach. And getting a house ready to sell is another huge task. Great realtors have mastered that art but before you talk to one, we highly recommend you utilize this tool to understand what is needed and how much it will cost you. You’ll also have access to potential resources that can help you get there.

How does this tool help you in getting your house ready to sell?

By asking you some easy questions, the tool will recommend a set of projects to prepare your house for sale, the estimated remodeling cost for those projects and, if you are on a budget, the tool also helps you prioritize the remodeling projects based on what adds the most value to a home that’s going on the market.

How to use this tool

There are some basic things, such as curb appeal, that you need to show your home at its best, things that engage people's emotions and imagination as they decide whether they want to live in your home or not. Your answers will allow us to recommend the best remodeling projects to consider.

You’ll be asked simple questions regarding the condition of your home to help us get a better understanding and recommend what should be done to get your house ready to sell.

1. Condition of your front door

Your front door is the first thing home buyers will see, so you want to make sure it creates the right first impression. If you think your door looks dated, a fresh coat of paint will give it an aesthetically appealing makeover. But if it’s damaged beyond repair, it’s time for a new door!

2. Details about your windows

Windows also play an important role in your home’s curb appeal. Whether they are single hung, double hung, awning, picture or any other type, they need to be in good condition.

Specify if they need to be replaced or are in good shape. If they need to be replaced, please specify the number of windows, size and type.

3. Condition of your sliding patio door

Sliding patio doors are one of the most commonly found doors because of their unobtrusive nature and maximum visibility to the outdoors.

Specify if they need to be replaced or are in good shape.

4. Details about your exterior paintwork

Getting quality exterior paintwork done on your house is important for many reasons. First and foremost, it beautifies your home and gives it character. Secondly, a good paint job serves as one of the primary lines of defense against the elements, dust, insects and other damage. That’s why most homebuyers take exterior paintwork into account before signing on the dotted line.

Specify if your walls have extensive peeling, minimal peeling or some peeling. Mention if your gutters or trim needs painting and enter the length of the facade of your house.

5. Property details

Enter your house address so that we can get some basic information about the house like living area size, number of rooms, number of floors and the assessed value.

6. Kitchen and bathroom condition

Kitchen and bathrooms are the most commonly remodeled projects, and these are the projects that majorly influence a home’s value.

Specify the last time your kitchen and bathrooms were remodeled.

And that’s it! This information will help us recommend the best remodeling projects for you to sell your house based on your budget, the estimated cost for those projects and even a contractor or loan if you need one.

Why should you estimate these home improvement costs before selling your house?

Selling a house is a double-edged sword — you want to attract the most motivated buyers and reduce your out-of-pocket costs. The ultimate goal is to sell the house at the highest price possible at the lowest cost and fastest time possible.

To ensure that your home looks its best when you put it on the market, you need to make some upgrades without burning a huge hole in your pocket. You don’t want to waste your money and effort on home improvements that won’t pay off.

Once you make the commitment to go ahead with the home upgrades, you need to know how much of an investment you require for the project.

This estimator will help you organize your home improvement — effectively managing milestones and costs. It will also help you understand how to sell your house fast at the right price.

You can then create a realistic home remodeling budget for getting your house ready to sell. It’s also the best way to ensure that you don’t stumble across any unwelcome surprises during the execution of the project.

Prepare your house for sale

You need to prepare your house in a way that potential homebuyers can imagine being in your home. A well-maintained home will not only fetch you a better market price, it’ll also help expedite its sale.

Updating a home does not have to be expensive. In some cases, all you need is a fresh coat of paint, to change cabinet colors or to upgrade some cabinet handles. This tool will tell you what is necessary and what is not. We’re here to help you figure it out..

A few well-planned cosmetic changes can go a long way toward making a great impression on any potential buyer — and perhaps help clinch a deal. Interestingly, each project you undertake comes with unique value-adding qualities. That’s why you need to invest in the upgrades that offer the most bang for your buck when preparing your home for sale..

And here’s another useful tip for homesellers: Early spring through early summer is the best time to list and sell your house.

Best home improvements to increase value

There are many types of remodeling projects and upgrades that you can make when preparing your home for sale to increase its worth — in terms of both appeal and market value.

Here are the best home upgrades to consider before selling your house — quickly and for a profit.

  • Remodeling kitchen
  • A kitchen is a big, if not the biggest, selling point for most homebuyers. It’s probably the first room they want to look at. So make yours as functional, convenient and spotless as possible.

    According to the National Association of Realtors, a well-designed kitchen remodel is the best home interior remodeling project for increasing your home's value.

    Of course, the exact ROI depends on a lot of factors including your zip code, whether you hire a professional or want a DIY project, the type of remodeling, its complexity, material costs, local labor costs and other finishing details.

    When upgrading your kitchen, you can consider installing new kitchen countertops, new kitchen cabinets, tiled backsplash and a modern sink, and replacing old faucets, wall colors and kitchen appliances. Also make sure that your kitchen has ample natural lighting for a bright and happy first impression.

  • Remodeling bathroom
  • According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2019 Remodeling Impact Report, bathroom renovation remains one the most popular home improvements. Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value report reiterates that the returns on investment for this type of project are on the rise.

    An average midrange bathroom renovation project costs over $20,000 while an upscale bathroom renovation project runs to nearly $65,000. At resale value, the former may recoup up to 67.2% of its cost and the latter about 60.2%.

    You can consider value-adding renovations such as cleaning or upgrading the tiles on the bathroom floor and walls, upgrading the shower area, re-caulking the bathtub, adding storage space with cabinets, replacing the faucets and installing a stainless-steel towel rack, among other things.

  • Bedroom remodeling
  • Transforming your outdated bedrooms, including the master bedroom, into stylish rooms can help add to your home’s appeal in a beautiful way. A revamped or remodeled bedroom holds immense value to potential homebuyers.

    The average cost of remodeling a bedroom ranges between $4,000 and $6,000 (for a small bedroom). On the other hand, the cost for a large master bedroom of 18′ x 20′ will cost you about $13,000 to $16,000.

    Although the ROI of an expensive bedroom renovation is generally lower than other types of renovations, a great-looking bedroom can become a valuable selling point.

    It’s best to remain cautious and keep your bedroom renovation costs down. Don’t consider adding a bedroom at the last minute just because you’re ready to sell your home.

  • House painting (interior and exterior)
  • If you want your property to make a lasting first impression on everyone who comes to view it, exterior painting as well as interior painting are great remodeling projects.

    Ensure that the colors you pick go well with the style of house and home decor. Neutral colors are a safe bet.

    Painting your home is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase its value. It’s also one of the simplest home improvements. The average cost of interior painting is about $970. And it offers an increase in value of almost $2,000. Exterior painting also adds immense value. For an average cost of exterior painting of about $1,400, there may be an increase in value of $2,200.

    Consider painting the front door, interior doors, exterior doors and window frames. Painting your house will almost certainly make it more appealing, from the outside and inside, and will favorably influence potential buyers to purchase your property quickly.

  • Replacing or installing windows and doors
  • Windows allow fresh air and natural light to flood your rooms, making them look bright and cheerful. Apart from adding aesthetic value, replacing your old, drafty windows and doors will also make your house more energy efficient — and greatly impress potential buyers.

    Replacing your interior and exterior doors will also give a huge boost to the appeal of your home.

  • Flooring installation
  • While preparing to sell your house, give your floors and walls a facelift. Your flooring options may include staining, waxing or polishing, or even painting and grouting.

    If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, give it a deep clean to have it looking and smelling fresh. Your best bet is to hire a good cleaning service to help you. In case your flooring is old and worn out, do not hesitate to rip it out and install a new floor. While there are plenty of flooring materials on the market, keep in mind that hardwood remains one of the most appealing and value-adding assets.

    How to further prepare a house for sale

    Once you’ve done your bit and know how to get your house ready to sell, it’s time to hire a staging expert who will creatively give your home an inexpensive facelift. The idea behind staging is to give home buyers a glimpse of the true potential of the property and help you make a quick sale.

    These cosmetic upgrades just before selling your home should not be costly, but sufficient enough to increase the value of your home. They could be as easy as a fresh coat of paint, changing hardware, strategically placing light fixtures or improving the curb appeal with trimmed hedges.

    Give your home a good once-over with a thorough home inspection. It will help you know what to fix up when you’re looking to sell. If you come across any issues, repair or replace immediately. It could be as small as replacing leaky faucets and faulty light bulbs or major repair work such as roof replacement, repairing your gutters and downspouts or cleaning concrete areas such as driveways and walkways.

    When getting your house ready to sell, the key is to let go. You need to depersonalise the space so there’s no evidence of you or your family anywhere in the house. Don’t leave out any personal items, such as family photos and mementos, when showcasing your property.

    Make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your property — and think of it as their future home! This will give you a better chance at landing a quick and profitable house sale.