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Schools, parks, trails, clubs, community, recent sales, hospitals, and twon center.

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Maximize ROI

Remodeling projects that will make you money.

Project Cost ROI
Entry Door Instalation $2,350 19%
Kitchen Remodel $1,727 12%
Bathroom Remodel $11,499 11%

Kukun Investment Outlook

  • 5 year growth


  • Kukun's iHomeReport Kio
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One report. Everything you need.

Meet KIO™

Kukun Investment Outlook

  • 5 year growth


  • Kukun Investment Outlook
Comparable 5-year average growth rates
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  • State


  • National


Future growth is no longer a guess

See the value of your next home go up before you buy

  • Kukun’s KIO stands for Kukun Investment Outlook - predictive analytics for accurate home price forecasting.
  • Compare long term investment potential between homes.
  • Know where to buy and when to sell to maximize your financial outcomes.

Half of living in a home is living in the neighborhood

Get to know the neighborhood, instantly

  • See where the nearest schools are, and what it takes to walk, bike or drive to them.
  • Get situated with the location of parks, trails, clubs, hospitals, shopping, and the town center.
  • See a snapshot of local transit, walking and biking access, and even natural hazards.

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Investing in Renovation


  1. 1. Kitchen


  2. 2. Master Bathroom


  3. 3. New Floors


  4. 4. Powder Room


Cost to renovate

$ 52,639

Increase in home value

$ 58,764

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Your dream remodel can make you money

Every house has a different potential for growing equity from renovations

  • Kukun’s renovation cost estimator makes it easy to get the cost of renovating your home, with scenarios for all budgets.
  • Most remodels cost more than the growth they create in equity, so we provide the investment return for each home individually.

Only Kukun brings you essential home buying intelligence

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Why home buyers and homeowners buy this report iHomeReport™

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Deeply understand the financial and investment implications of buying this house.
Know the potential to profit from remodeling, which areas to remodel and which not
Understand the unseen details about the house, including building permits and modifications
Get comfortable with the neighborhood, even if you can't be there at all.

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All the historical home details that matter at your fingertips

Know the house inside and outside

  • Before buying, you’ll want to know every detail about the house, as the fewer post-purchase surprises you have, the better. Kukun’s proprietary building permit history enables us to provide the most up-to-date status on the home’s condition.
  • The Kukun property report provides all essential house details regarding size and configuration, as well as legal, and government records.

Investing in a home is also investing in a neighborhood

When a neighborhood prospers, so will you

  • Kukun’s predictive analytics based on proprietary property condition data, local investment trends, and economic trends enables us to tell where things will get better, and where they wont.
  • Know of major new commercial and residential construction projects before they start. See how new office buildings, new stores, and major commercial renovations make the town a better place to live.

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