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Kukun is an AI powered Property Technology platform for homeowners and real estate investors offering fast and intuitive access to the rarest and most important home data and analytics. Since our founding in 2014, millions of customers have moved their lives forward with the investment clarity and confidence Kukun provides.

Why we’re here

Clarity and Certainty

We bring clarity so people can buy, renovate, and own with certainty. Kukun is on a long-term mission to aggregate the hardest to find data, define breakthrough analytics, and create a range of products that all live up to the promise that anyone can grow wealth in life’s game of real estate and home ownership.

Incremental Equity Growth

In this example, two homes are purchased for $400,000 and sold four years later. After similar renovations and selling costs, the Kukun guided plan represents a gain in equity of $114,014, where the base case home would have an equity gain of $46,648. The difference is $67,366.

Source of increased Equity Growth















Who we are

A global team with a thing for innovation

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A global team with a thing for innovation

Kukuners are a global team of leading professionals in property technology, data science, economics and software. We share a passion for delivering industry-leading breakthroughs with teamwork, innovation, risk-taking, and a touch of bold experimentation. Kukun believes deeply in diversity and equality, which is reflected in our amazing team of Kukuners, who strive to help everyone, from every background, belief and lifestyle, to live elegantly and grow wealthy.

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