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Kukun is the single destination for your home’s transformation. Our solutions empower homeowners to make more informed decisions regarding home-related spending. Estimate the cost of a home improvement project, assess the impact it will have the value of your home, and manage the home renovation project from start to finish – all with Kukun. We offer a range of tools, content and analytics powered by our proprietary data warehouse. We also connect homeowners with reputable service providers, including contractors and lenders.

With Kukun, homeowners have everything they need to manage home-related spending with confidence.


Our values


You invest a lot of time, money and emotion into your home. No one should take advantage of you when you try to maintain, repair and improve it. For far too long, homeowners have been concerned about going over budget, hiring the wrong service providers, losing control of their home remodeling project and disrupting their lives. Looking after your home shouldn’t be a daunting task. Kukun’s mission is to remove the fear and to inject trust into the home improvement process by equipping homeowners with all the information they need.


Kukun serves the homeowner, first and foremost. We provide comprehensive home improvement information in an easily digestible format for every step in the process. This includes educational content, data-driven insights and verifiable information on third-party service providers, including how to hire a contractor. As a result, homeowners are better informed, more confident and realize better outcomes when taking on home renovation projects.


When hiring a contractor, homeowners shouldn’t be misled by marketing. We believe a contractor’s work history should speak for itself. Home remodeling contractors access our Professional Network for free – and they cannot pay to alter the contents of their profile. All background information on qualified local contractors is taken from reliable sources and verified by third parties, removing any potential conflicts of interest.

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