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Take your business to the next level using Kukun's suite of solutions with the partnership program that's perfect for you.

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Content partner

Increase exposure to your content and inspire thousands looking for relevant information at the right time. Enrich them with informative articles and blogs about their remodeling choices.

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Data partner

Our specially curated data – intended for customers and including data like credit information – allows you improve your conversion metrics by targeting more intelligently.

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Lending partner

Leverage our tools data, and user community to access more customers with targeted lending solutions. You can do that on your site and/or on our platform.

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Service integrator

Leverage our data and tools to build analytics and solutions for your customers in the financial sector.

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Real estate

Leverage our tools and our data to gather insights on customers and boost your online visibility. Strengthen your relationships with consumers by geing matched with their specific requirements.

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Marketing data

Leverage our fresh permits, historic permits and other aggregated data – especially targeted for retail, lending and other related industries.

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Home retailer

Get closer to our users and leverage our data and tools to help you understand and address customers’ needs ahead of time.

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