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Remodeling Estimator

Calculate your home renovation cost in minutes!

Money bag
Remodeling Financing

Get quick access to funds for all your home improvements.

House for sale
Prepare My House For Sale

Get customized home improvement recommendations to prepare your house for a sale in just a few minutes!

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Find a professional

Find the best and the most reliable licensed professionals around you -- instantly!

Remodeling 101

Learn all the tips and tricks of home renovations.

Remodeling estimator

Remodeling Estimator

The estimator tool lets you instantly calculate your home renovation costs and recoup value of projects such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, exterior painting, water heater installation, and so much more based on your exact address. You can even estimate multiple projects at once!

House for sale

Remodeling Financing

Our home renovation loan feature gives homeowners easy access to funds required to fix up or remodel their houses. These home improvement loans can be personal loans, home equity lines, or refinancing existing loans.

House for sale

Prepare my house for sale

This unique tool helps you understand how to prepare your home for sale to sell it faster and command top dollar. Get customized home improvement recommendations within your budget to prepare your house for a sale in just a few minutes!

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Remodeling 101

We answer every remodeling question you may have. Learn some amazing trade secrets from the best professionals in the space. This feature equips you with everything you need to know about home renovations, and then some more. Make an informed decision the next time you’re tackling a home remodeling.

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Find a professional

The tool helps you find licensed and well reputed professionals in your neighborhood -- in minutes! These local remodeling contractors have been employed by your neighbors and have a credible history of work. You can ask your neighbors about them before hiring them. Most importantly, explore each contractor's profile including every address they worked at, the scope of work and the budget they work with.

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Check out in the press

Do check out some media coverage that has helped position Kukun as both a credible and a newsworthy company in just a short span.


Our Mission

Home mission

At Kukun, we stride to support you through your home ownership journey and empower you with the right knowledge to tackle any home-related task. Whether it’s buying a new home or remodeling a fixer upper or seeking help for a home improvement loan -- we have your back.

We have free tools and estimators using which you can estimate your home renovation instantly, get quick and easy access to financing solutions and reliable research data as well as market-driven content to help you manage your home renovation project from start to finish.

We also connect homeowners with qualified service providers, including contractors and lenders for your needs.

Kukun aspires to instill trust and confidence in every homeowner who needs that tiny bit of extra help. We equip them with all the information they would ever need to carry forward a home improvement project.

Our dream is to see your dream, of owning a beautiful house, become a reality!

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