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Annie Owen

"I created the perfect room for my husband and me, and it all worked out at our place."


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You are remodeling and you don't know where to start? click on Smart Search and ask your question.

You're only ever a few clicks away from your answer. Using the home improvement industry guidelines, Kukun's remodeling estimator is your tested and approved online construction company.

Find professionals the smart way. See their permit history and a synthesis of their online reviews summarized just for you.

Collaborate with your contractor the right way. Request quotes from top contractors from one place, and find the right price, with our overpriced and underpriced alers.

Do you need a loan to finance your project? Get a Loan is your one stop shop that educates you on all types of loan and their differences

Get all your quote providers to use our quote tool, so you can compare their bids and make an informed decision. It's easier to compare apples to apples.

Avoid overruns. Select the winning quote and we will create a project calendar for you. You and your renovation contractor will receive notifications for task start and end dates and when to order the materials you need for your project.

What is Kukun?

Kukun is the thread that connects the different industries supporting home remodeling (construction, retail, real estate and financing) to create a seamless experience for homeowners.

We seek to simplify and guide homeowners in their remodeling journey with our online tools: from seeking inspiration and knowledge around remodeling projects, to estimating the cost, finding the pros that have worked in their neighborhood, comparing quotes from them, and managing their project and shopping needs.

We are the one stop shop.

Join the fastest-growing home remodeling marketplace and take control of your home and projects

In The Press

New York Times

The average cost of a mid range bathroom renovation- replacing all the fixtures,the tile,the vanity and the toilet- is now almost $19,000, according to Remodelling magazine.


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Digital Trends

Kukun’s estimator tool might prep you for the sticker shock of dealing with actual contractors.

Washington Post

Kukun (a play on the word ‘cocoon’) gives you the tools to complete renovation projects on time and on budget.


How big data can bridge the gaps through home renovation.


Why do we all dread the entire process of home renovation? Who among us hasn’t heard a renovation horror story?

Home Business

Kukun CEO and serial Entrepreneur, Raf Howery, has built a career working with both startups and large enterprises.


Real estate technology has grown exponentially since the first Internet boom, and with every passing year the pace seems to accelerate even more.


The first week of 2016 is officially wrapped! Can you believe it? But it’s not too late to jump on those New Year’s resolutions.


The eBay of Home Renovation:Kukun's Bidding System Helps Future Renovators Capture the Best Deals for Home Remodelling Projects

Market Watch

Kukun Levels the Playing Field for Home Renovation Professionals With the Introduction of ‘Kukun Rating System’.

Kitchen Bath Business

The kitchen and bath are the most elaborate rooms in the house and define the house’s character; and a great kitchen can raise the price of a mediocre home

Rescue Ceo

As an entrepreneur, it’s always an exciting and scary experience when you decide to take the plunge and venture out on your own.


New remodel-planning platform aims to convert homeowners into remodeling clients by answering the budget question first.

Home Business Mag

When starting any business, home-based or not, there are a lot of factors to consider: how much financial backing will be needed to get off the ground?

Oh So Lovely

I used using the Kukun estimator to get the project started. It was super easy to use, and let me choose my desired level of finish (good, better, best).

Rue Daily

Have you heard of Kukun? It’s your new one-stop shop for home renovation. We’re big fans!

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