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Project details




Master bathroom



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Projected 3-year appreciation


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125 Maple St, Wellsville, OH

The Kukun Investment
Outlook Score (KIO)

Pros of this score

Good chance of equity growth in home

Generally well-maintenaed neighborhoods over time

Cons of this score

Less square footage for the money and some areas

Less land/backyard space than some areas

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Enterprise products and predictive analytics?

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Buy Better with

Financial Intelligence

Know what the home value will be in 3 years, how to profit from remodeling, and all the important home details.

Life Intelligence

See school locations and rankings, local stores, parks, clubs, healthcare, and transit services near your home.

Kukun's Costimator preview
Kukun's Costimator preview

Renovate Smarter
with Cost Estimator

Make it Amazing

Plan and customize your dream home renovation in minutes - the cost estimator helps you make great choices.

Make it Profitable

See the return on investment specifically for your plan instantly, and easily run scenarios to optimize your budget and ROI.

Live Easier with

Maintenance planning

Keep your house in shape with recommendations for seasonal tasks based on your home address, and keep your service providers organized.

Happening in the neighborhood

See recent home sales near you, and in certain markets, find out about upcoming remodeling and building projects before they start.

Kukun's PrepToSell preview
Kukun's PrepToSell preview

Sell Faster with

Maximize your sales price

Recommendations and costs for light remodeling and resurfacing that will help you get the highest price possible.

Minimize your time

To get your house ready to sell quickly, we guide you to projects that require little time and provide a good ROI.

Kukun Services
make your home ownership process smooth



The Kukun Blog has articles on everything homeowners need, with the remodeling education to bring shape to their dream



Whether you are remodeling for yourself or fixing up your house to sell, we have great financing options to make it easy



Kukun’s FindAPro service features premier builders in your community, thoroughly rated for reliability and quality



All homes need updated insurance – easily compare rates among dozens of lenders so you and your home are safe

Kukun provides products,
analytics and data
to the
broader real estate industry

Banking and
online lenders

Home flipping and
buy-to-rent co’s

Large scale residential
real estate investors

Realtors, contractors
and developers

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Digital Web Tools icon
Digital Web Tools

White labeled consumer digital tools that seamlessly integrate into your website

  • Renovation cost calculator/ROI
  • Home management & schedule
  • Contractor sourcing
Predictive Analytics icon
Predictive Analytics

Forecasts from unique data

  • Forecasting analytic models
  • Kukun Investment Outlook Score (KIO) predicts future appreciation by zipcode
  • Future AVM
Proprietary Analytics icon
Proprietary Analytics

Unique & essential insights for real estate investors

  • Current AVM
  • ROI projections by project
  • Construction firm rankings
Proprietary Data icon
Proprietary Data

Only from Kukun

  • Normalized construction permit and investment data
  • Localized renovation cost and finish level data
  • Construction firm database
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No-charge client sourcing

Thousands of people in your area use Kukun every month for renovation guidance, and as a service to our customers we provide connections to highly rated contractors. All we need is for you to join our database and update your profile.