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About Kukun

Kukun is a leading data originator, creating analytics and intelligence to support every important decision in the home ownership process. We exist to help our homeowner customers live elegantly and grow wealthy.

Kukun wants to demystify the process as much as possible. We aim to arm you with the right budgeting tool, a way to find out which loans you should consider if you don't have savings and the background on most contractors. We want every user to receive fair and honest quotes in transparency and honesty. Our Estimator tool will give you an idea of what it will cost to make your dream space a reality.

Kukun exists to help homeowners, first and foremost. Use our Estimator tool to determine your out-of-pocket costs on top of the price of the house so you can turn the house into your dream home, find out whether it is a good investment by using our recoup value tool, find contractors that have worked in the neighborhood and check if you need a loan because your mortgage won’t cover it.

Kukun has products and services for every phase of home ownership, including buying, renovating, maintaining, and selling. Kukun’s products help you get more for your money and make better investment decisions to help you maximize the profit you make on your home.

Estimator tool

We aim to be 80 percent accurate, though our estimates are consistently even better than that. We work closely with professionals in the home construction and home improvement industry to develop our proprietary algorithms, which are used to estimate home renovation costs. We take your location, the scope of your project(s) and local labor costs into consideration when creating the algorithm for our estimates. We have been vetted by large banks, lenders and contractors. They use us and so should you. However, our estimator does not account for very expensive tastes or complex products, and it does not know if you have any surprises such as leaks that could mandate a bigger project budget. Our estimator is a budgeting tool first and foremost.

We are constantly working to ucontentate and improve the accuracy of our numbers. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accuracy of the calculations and estimates you produced using Kukun, please send a message at

As we always say, Kukun exists to help homeowners, first and foremost. Use our Estimator tool to determine what funds you will need to create the home you desire. After calculating the total cost, you can consult with a real estate agent to get an idea of how your projects will change the value of your home, so that you can determine if you are building equity or not. There is no guarantee and you should treat your quote from your contractor the same way

We look for homes that have been sold twice within two to five years that are close to the property address entered by the user. We then check if the properties identified have been through a renovation using our large database of home projects made on every property in the US. We use the difference in the sales price and the value of the renovations that took place. Finally, we proceed to check over eight other economic factors that impact the value of the property and use our algorithm to extract what each renovation project did to the value of the home

How can Kukun Help you

We don't but we do have a network a reliable and reputable lenders that will do it for you. Kukun is your market place.

Well! Yes or no. It means that you may not qualify for an average loan.There are other loans that you may qualify for but they not cheap or mainstream.

We have a huge network of professional and contractors that write for us.

About professionals

We know finding a good contractor can be difficult. That’s why we created a directory of contractors listed on the California licensing board website. We are working on growing our database of verified professionals so that we can make it easier for you to find the right person for the job. If you already know a good contractor, encourage that person to sign up as a professional with Kukun

If you had a bad experience with a professional listed with our network, we encourage you to share your feedback and tell your story. Send us a message at

Kukun does not endorse specific professionals. We provide our visitors a list of contractors as a starting point for their renovation projects. We aim to evolve this feature into a vetted list of highly rated contractors over time. That’s why we encourage all of our users to share their feedback (positive or negative) at

There are several third-party sites that can be used to look up licensing information. Kukun suggests using your state government’s website as a good starting place.

The map shows you every renovation project that took place in your neighborhood. If you click on the pin, you will see the project details and the name of the professional that led the project. You can then click on the professional name and see his or her profile. Once you like a certain professional, go ahead and knock on the doors of your neighbors and ask them about their experience with the professional you choose.

We scour the internet for them. Our analytics team studies them and then sends them through our machine learning sentiment analysis algorithm..

In the top navigation bar, click "Resources" and then select “Join as a pro'.' Follow the easy instructions from there to join us as a professional.


The Kukun site has many free services, including the cost estimator, My neighborhood, and My Maintenance. Also, other services are offered by the unit, like the iHomeReport, and the Cost Estimator reports after the free reports have been created.

No. There is no charge for contractors to join.

No. We provide connections to well qualified contractors as a free service to our customers.


If you have any trouble using the site, problems signing in, etc., please contact us at

Leads are free. Our goal is to create a relationship between homeowners and contractors and then let them work together. We don't and won't charge for leads for contractors.

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