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Investing in 125 Maple St, Wellsville, OH
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Kitchen remodel

3005 Thompson St.

Most recent activity

Pool removal

Home improvement Home improvement: pool removal

Kitchen remodel

Home improvement Home improvement: kitchen remodel

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Hotel construction

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Home Improvements
Kitchen remodel
Most recent activity

Permit date: 6/5/2021
Location: 145 6th Ave.
Cost: $350,000

Project by Statewide Remodeling
Kitchen remodel 150 Maple Ave.
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Pool removal

Home improvement Home improvement

New home construction

New homes New homes

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My Neighborhood is Fun

Kukun is serious about helping you get the most from your home investment, so you can live elegantly while growing wealthy.

And at the same time, knowing all the details about what’s coming to your neighborhood is just plain fun.

House on iHomeManager

Marblehead, MA 01945, USA

Garage spaces
Hospital distance
Distance to downtown
Relative Crime
Lowe than average
Area Investment potential
Above average
Elementary school  |  Ranking 45% - 0.5 Miles
Middle school  |  Ranking 64% - 0.7 Miles
High school  |  Ranking 55% - 1.2 Miles
Nearest park
Nearest hiking trail
Nearest biking trail
Nearest Fitnes club
Home improvement ROI potential $35,000

My Neighborhood is part of iHomeManager

My Neighborhood is not only packed with important information that helps you get a feel for the future value of your property, it's one part of iHomeManager.

With iHomeManager you can stay on top of your home’s value and the value of your investment, know about high return on investment remodeling projects, and importantly, get recommendations for the priority tasks to keep your house in top shape in the My Maintenance section. And so much more.

There’s far more than meets the eye

Know what is happening
Know what is happening

Besides the obvious signs of construction such as zoning changes, site grading, or public notice signs for proposed projects on vacant land, you need to find some vital clues that a large-scale development is being planned in the area.

So, if you’re wondering, “What are the major construction projects near me?” My Neighborhood is all the help you need.

Get information
Get information

This feature is like a geographic information system that will keep you abreast with the proposed projects in the area.

That way, you can get a good start with your long-term financial planning, and evaluate your opportunities to sell and make a good profit.

Invest safely
Invest safely

The fact is, there’s nothing like a major business development to turn an area, and its market value, around. For those looking to buy an investment property, it’s perhaps one of the most important things to hope for.

While buying a home in an area that witnesses a lot of development — with homes being constructed, remodeled or repaired — is a blessing, there is such a thing as over-building. Not many potential buyers in a seller’s market prefer a primary residence near a high-density neighborhood construction.


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