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Work experience means more than any marketing budget

Based on factual information and relevant statistics and data, including the contractor’s work history, reviews and business reputation.

Absoluteness of research-backed data. Our data team digs deep into evaluations in different cities and online records to deliver accurate, up-to-date information about each contractor.

Intuitive ranking system. A percentage-based score ranks every contractor on a 0 to 100 scale using advanced algorithms and statistical techniques to compare all the information and determine each Kukun Score.

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To find the right contractor near you, simply enter your location and select your project type. Almost instantly, you’ll have a list of top-notch contractors in your area.
Our search tool is powered by your neighborhood remodeling activity. You can easily view the type of remodeling and construction projects that have been done in your area – and the top-notch professionals who worked on them. After all, a neighbor’s recommendation is a valuable thing!

If you’d like even more information about any of the professionals on the list, this tool goes the extra mile and offers the names of the people who’ve hired them in the past. You can ask them about their experience before hiring a specific pro.
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