Your nursery shouldn’t be just cute. It should be UNFORGETTABLE. Here are 11 Jaw-Dropping, design-packed nurseries for modern parents, who refuse to be ordinary.

1. For The Little Wanderer, Whose Favorite Color Will Always Be Wild Dreams

baby room decor

2. For The Little Nature Lover, Who Will Transform The Beauty Of Nature Into Magical Lands

kid's bedroom

3. For The Little Mountain Lover, Who Will Climb The Highest Peaks

nursery ideas

4. For The Little Animal Lover, Whose Voice Will Protect Her Furry Friends

Nursery room color ideas

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5. For The Little Glam Star, Who Will Shine So Brightly, People Will Compare Her To The Sun

baby nursery ideas

6. For The Little Lady, Whose Elegance And Charm Will Conquer The World

children beds

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Further decor ideas on a budget? We have you covered!

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Can you provide a source link (direct to the apartment therapy post, or the originator) for the cover photo? I’m looking for that wall decal. Thank you!