Gutters and downspouts are an important element of your house and hence, their installation or replacement forms an inevitable part of any home improvement project. They are necessary in order to protect your house from flooding, water seepage, and moisture-related damage. Therefore, never overlook these components. Now, whenever you think about installing this system, it is always recommended to know the cost to install new gutters and its various cost factors. Only then, you will be able to save on those hefty bills and stick to your budget. So, today, let’s explore the numerous attributes that define the cost of installing a new gutter system in your home.

What is the cost to install new gutters?

The cost to install new gutters is calculated in per linear foot and varies widely according to the material used. It can range from $3 to $25 per linear foot, depending on the material — which can be plastic, aluminum, steel, vinyl, or copper. Therefore, for a 200-linear-feet aluminum gutter, the price will be approximately $800 or higher.

What are the various cost factors for gutter installation?

Type of material used

This is the most important factor that greatly influences gutter installation cost. While PVC, aluminum, and vinyl are the least expensive, wood and steel fall at the medium range. Copper is more expensive than any of the other types. Here’s the approximate cost of each material in per linear foot:

  • Plastic: $3 – $5
  • Aluminum: $4 – $9
  • Wood: $12 – $20
  • Steel: $4 – $8
  • Copper: $15 – $30
  • Vinyl: $3 – $5

However, when you choose any material, note its various pros and cons. For example, lightweight aluminum is economical and easy to install, but it is prone to damage by water, debris, and wind. Copper gutters may fall at the higher end in terms of price, but they are extremely durable and shall save you a lot of hassle in the future. Steel gutters will last for a long duration, but they need regular upkeep and maintenance. Vinyl or plastic is the cheapest, but they shall definitely crack with time. Wood looks great but is susceptible to rot and moisture damage. Therefore, weigh in all these factors before shortlisting the right gutter material to use for your project.

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Labor costs

Gutter replacements or installations are not a DIY project. You should always employ the services of a qualified, reputed professional or contractor — for the entire process. An expert will usually take approximately a day’s time to install a 50-feet gutter. However, note that the labor charges will add up to your material costs as well. Usually, an agency will charge you around $400 – $500 for a regular 50-feet gutter installation project.

Gutter type: seamless vs sectional gutters

Even the gutter type has a huge role to play in the cost to install new gutters. You can choose to fix your gutter either in the sectional or seamless version. While seamless gutters pose lesser leaks and maintenance-related risks, they are a bit costlier than their sectional counterparts — with an approximate price range of $800 – $5000 — depending on the total square feet required. Moreover, seamless installation is also easier than sectionally cutting and fixing one piece at a time.

Cost of downspouts & gutter guards

Your gutter will also require downspouts to direct rainwater away from your property’s foundation. Therefore, consider the material costs for your downspout as well — which will be almost at par with the original gutter material prices.

Again, in order to avoid blockage of your gutter due to the accumulation of debris and fallen leaves, you should also install gutter guards. Moreover, gutter guards also prevent the formation of ice dams. Consider spending around $3 – $5 for a 3-foot section, normal guard. The prices may increase if you go for more complex, high-end guards.

Additional costs

Cleaning: Once you install your gutter system, you need to regularly clean it in order to prevent clogs and expensive repairs. It is recommended to clear your gutters after every two months — and more during the fall season. You can do this drill yourself. However, if you want s professional to handle the job, then expect to pay around $100 – $150.

Repair: Frequent repair and maintenance are recommended to save you a huge bill in the long run. If you avoid it, your gutter may be subjected to cracks, rust, or clogs. The approximate repair costs can vary between $300 – $400 — depending on your locality.

Heat tape: If you live in an area that is prone to severe, cold weathers and a lot of snowfall, then get a heat tape. A heat tape shall prevent your gutter from freezing and shall also tackle the problem of ice dams. You can get a 100-feet heat tape at around $70 – $80.

Gutter replacements: If you already have a gutter and need to replace it, get a contractor. He shall charge you approximately $100 – $150 for the removal and disposal of your gutters.


Professionally installed gutters will ensure that there are no hidden issues or damages in your new gutter system. Therefore, we would recommend to always hand over this project to a general or roofing contractor. Your total cost to install new gutters– as outlined above — will include material and labor charges, the size of your home as well as the height of your roof. However, whatever be the expense, know that gutters protect your roof and home from immense moisture-related damage. Consider all the factors discussed before and get a long-lasting gutter system that compliments your budget, needs, and aesthetic requirements.

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