There are times when you need to tear down an old building, an impractical house, a garage, or an in-law suite ahead of a major remodeling project. That’s when you need a licensed, experienced, and reliable demolition contractor for the work. 

Demolition is something you cannot manage on your own. The only safe way is to get the work done through demolition experts or a demolition company. Keep in mind that such tasks require professional expertise, equipment, and knowledge — especially when it comes to following safety protocols.

What exactly does a demolition project entail?

Demolition involves dismantling structures or any part of it, destroying or wrecking a building, or grazing them to the ground in a pre-planned, controlled manner. You need a demolition plan and a demolition permit based on the approval of the local authority.

The structure is pulled down — either manually or mechanically with the help of large hydraulic equipment. The work typically involves cranes, elevated work platforms, excavators, or bulldozers. Or, sometimes a wrecking ball in the case of large demolition projects.

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What does a demolition contractor do?

what does a demolition contractor do

Demolition contractors are responsible for the removal of constructed structures, residential as well as commercial buildings. They also have to take care of debris disposal and removal of all building materials from the site after every project completion.

What should I ask a demolition contractor?

Whatever your reason for hiring a professional demolition contractor, it’s crucial that you choose a qualified and experienced one. While it can get a little hard to know the good from the bad, you can make an informed decision by keeping a couple of things in mind and getting the right information.

You can begin by asking the following questions before hiring a demolition contractor:

What’s the safety policy you follow? 

Let’s face it, demolition is a dangerous job. Safety needs to be the top-most priority. Ask about your contractor’s safety procedures. Also, look up their safety track record and customer ratings. You can do all that by hiring the best contractors at Kukun. Keep in mind that safety procedures mean both the physical safety of the working crew and subcontractors as well as the safety of the surrounding environment.

Is total demolition the only way out? 

Sometimes you don’t have to pull down the entire building for remodeling work. There’s always an option of a selective demolition, which saves both time and money. Even if your contractor is an experienced one, there’s no harm in asking if there’s an alternate solution.

How will you handle demolition permits? 

Getting the requisite permits and approvals is essential. A good demolition contractor will have lots of experience when it comes to permits. Ensure that your contractor handles all the formalities and legalities involved in the project.

Will you recycle the building materials? 

Construction materials such as steel and concrete can be easily recycled to be used in any new construction you plan to undertake. Ask how your prospective demolition contractor will handle recycling. This will help you understand how much of the costs you can expect to recoup. Not only is recycling a good option for the environment, but it can also help offset your total demolition costs.   

How much would it cost to demo a house?

house demolition cost

Whether your demolition project is expensive or not depends on a lot of factors, including the size of the building, labor costs, equipment rental, and where you live. Of course, the demolition cost depends on the most upon the square footage of the building to be razed. 

The cost to demolish a house ranges between $2 and $17 per square foot. The national average for a commercial demolition project usually ranges from $4 to $8 per square foot. This should give you a rough estimate of the total demolition cost. 

For a complete demolition of a 1,500-square-foot house, the total demolition budget will be approximately $3,000 in a rural area and $18,000 in a densely-populated city.

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Last thoughts

You cannot undermine the importance of hiring good demolition contractors. These experts make sure that there are no adverse environmental repercussions in completing an assignment. Keep in mind that demolition is not an easy job. For example, the workers have to deal with leaks in gas lines or plumbing lines. Plus, there’s always a chance of a spillage of dangerous material that may cause an injury or illness.

The bottom line is, demolition contractors have to do everything from dismantling structures to following protocols of safety and quality assurance. Make sure the person you hire is the best one.

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