Whether you’re simply wanting to install a new can light or you’re gearing up for a full-on renovation, odds are that you’re going to need a professional electrician to lend a helping hand. He or she will not only safely install fixtures, but also ensure that all of your wiring is up to code. Here are five tips for finding a reputable electrician to help you with your project.

1. Know what you need to have completed

Electricians are known for having specialties. For instance, some only work on new construction, while others are skilled in areas such as commercial electricity. Before you start looking for an electrician, you should know exactly what you need done on your property.

2. Make sure he or she is licensed

Of course, you want your electrician to be qualified. Prior to hiring him or her, ask for a state license. Additionally, you may also want to see proof of insurance. This can ensure that you’re covered in the event of an accident while the electrician is working in your living space.

3. Gauge his or her knowledge of regulations

State rules and regulations vary when it comes to home remodeling. Because of this, the electrician you choose should be up to speed on all of the regulations prior to beginning the job.

4. Be aware of your options

Technology is always evolving, and your electrician should know all of the options available to you as a homeowner as you make renovations to your living space. For example, an experienced electrician will know the latest energy efficiency standards and innovations. Furthermore, he or she should be willing to discuss modern installation options with you.

5. Look for referrals

Some of the best options available to you may be recommended by friends or family, according to the Better Business Bureau. For this reason, you should always carefully consider any first-hand reviews you receive. Additionally, look for listings that offer referrals instead of just star ratings. You may also want to see some of your candidates’ work before you make a final decision. Examining an electrician’s past projects will give you an idea of what to expect in your own home.

Finding a professional electrician may be easy, but hiring one who has the credentials you desire might take some time. That being said, putting in the extra effort to find the right expert for your home will be worth it in the end, when you see the final product.

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Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll

You made a good point that I should consider the expertise of the electrician that I am hiring so that I can get the best results for the job that I need to be done. I’m planning to transform one of my guestrooms in to a home office so I can work in peace without much disturbance. Getting the room rewired so that my computer can be set up more easily along with my printer.