When you have a guesthouse for friends and family to use, you want it to be the definition of comfort. Your guesthouse should epitomize the old saying, “Home away from home.” However, this is often easier said than done, especially when you’re starting from scratch.

To make your guests feel more welcome than they would in an unfamiliar hotel room, you need to focus on your interior design. Here are four tips for creating a welcoming guesthouse that your loved ones will never want to leave.

1. Hone in on the nightstand

The nightstand is where your guests are going to look for everything they need before getting some shut-eye. This means it should be adequately prepped with a bottle of water and perhaps an eye mask for an extra-special touch. You might also want to include some earplugs and a good book for them to read before bed. Think of what you enjoy before you drift off to dreamland, and use these insights as your inspiration.

2. Consider the hungry traveler

Chances are, you’re going to have some guests who have just stumbled in from a long flight or car ride. Treat them right by providing them plenty of snacks and treats to munch on as soon as they settle. Consider a comforting drink, such as tea, for your weary travelers to enjoy as they unpack. It’s these special touches that show you are a host that truly cares.

3. Think color

As you decorate your guesthouse, color should be an important factor in your decisions. For instance, soothing ocean blue and soft eggshell can be pleasing to the eye, as well as relaxing. Avoid high-energy colors, such as stark red, in areas such as the bedroom. You want your guest house to feel cozy, not loud.

4. Make it unique to your style

You may not be the one using the guesthouse frequently, but this doesn’t mean you can’t reflect your taste in the living space. In fact, incorporating a bit of your personality into your guesthouse can turn it into a unique place that beats out any boring hotel room. Think about bringing in furnishings you’ve found on your travels, or antiques that have significant meaning to you. It’s these types of items that can turn your guesthouse into a space that says, “Come, sit, and stay awhile.”

Other rules of thumb that you might want to keep in mind for your guesthouse include some basics. For instance, make sure there are plenty of linens (towels, sheets) and pillows around for use. If your guesthouse has a kitchen, stock it with water bottles and non-perishable snacks. Finally, don’t forget to ask your guests before they arrive if there is anything you can add to make their stay a little more comfortable.

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