It’s no secret that when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning, the pros get the best results. They do this stuff every day and they’ve learned along the way (and from other pros) what works and what doesn’t. Their methods are tried and true. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take carpet and upholstery cleaner methods and use them yourself for similar results.

The good news here is that carpet and upholstery cleaning methods are pretty universal. If you’re focusing on carpet cleaning around Lakeland, Colorado the tips you’ll use are the same as someone focusing on similar tasks in California.

There’s a lot of information out there to use, and no matter where you live, you’ll be able to adopt some professional methods into your upholstery and carpet cleaning routines. If you’ve ever wondered how the pros go about cleaning carpet or upholstery then you’re in the right spot. Grab something to drink and keep reading.

Here’s how carpet and upholstery cleaning is done just like the carpet cleaning professionals.

The Professionals Use Steam Cleaners To Deep Clean

Your carpet and upholstery can look great on the surface. But when it comes to what’s lurking underneath there could be all kinds of dirt building up that you don’t see yet. That’s why even if you vacuum regularly when a pro shows up to clean your carpets for you, they’re going to use methods like steam cleaning to get beneath the fibers and really break up and dissolve the dirt.

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How You Can Deep Clean On Your Own

The steam cleaning option doesn’t have to be left only to the pros. Yes, their machines are probably more powerful than a steam cleaner you own yourself or rent at the store. But you can still get some decent deep cleaning done on your own.

Most steam cleaners available on a consumer level come with upholstery attachments. That way you can use them on more than just your carpet. If you really want to go the extra mile use those extra attachments and clean everything from your couch to your curtains. You’ll be surprised how great your floors and furniture look after a good deep clean.

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They Tackle Stains Before Getting To The Rest Of The Job

The pros know that the best way to clean your carpet or your furniture’s upholstery is to make sure any set in stains are taken care of first. They’ll often vacuum the entire area or piece of furniture first. After that they will look for obvious stains for removal.

This happens before they do anything involving their steam cleaning methods or even bringing out their machines. Even they know there’s only so much a steam cleaner can do, and they know they need to start with the cleanest canvas possible.

You can use this message at home on your own too. Before you start your deep clean make sure you’re removing set-in stains anywhere you plan to use your steam cleaner. There are some true DIY methods you can use to remove set-in stains.

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How You Can Tackle Set-In Stains Yourself

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The most popular DIY method that has a tried and true reputation is to use an iron and a mix of baking soda and vinegar. You can mix the two together in a spray bottle, or put them both directly on the stain. Either way, the point is to let the mixture soak and bubble to loosen the set in debris as much as possible.

After you’ve let the mixture soak for about 20 minutes you’ll want to grab a warm iron and a soft towel. Hot irons may burn your upholstery or carpet so be careful and make sure it’s just warm. Make sure you don’t care about the towel you use getting dirty. Place the towel over the soaked stain, and put the iron over the towel.

The stain should start to lift up and into the towel as you do this. Once you’ve taken a look at how the first pass at this trick has affected the stain you can decide if you need to repeat it. Sometimes for really stubborn stains, you may have to do this a few times to get it out entirely.

The professionals do have their own cleaners to use for this type of stain removal. Since you’re unlikely to easily have those on hand, this is a great alternative to try. No matter which method of stain removal you go with. Just make sure you’re getting your carpets and furniture as clean as possible before you start that deep cleaning step you read about earlier.

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They Know How To Deal With Gum The Right Way

Stains aren’t the only thing professionals know how to deal with before they start their deep clean. They also know the best way to deal with one of the biggest nightmares you may feel you have on your furniture or carpet, gum. It’s sticky and when you don’t know how to get it out it can ruin the fabric of your couch or the fibers of your carpet.

The pros clean up gum by freezing it with a special chemical spray they have on hand for just such occasions. It freezes the sticky mess into a solid mass that can be easily (and gently) pulled out of the fibers of your carpet, or off the fabric of your furniture. Without freezing and gentle removal, you risk pulling out the actual fabric or fibers along with the gum.

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How You Can Tackle Gum On Your Own

You can do a similar method at home to remove gum on your own. While you probably don’t have freeze spray in your cleaning supplies you definitely have some ice in your freezer. You can use the ice to freeze the gum in a similar manner to what the spray would do. Once the gum feels solid to the touch gently pull it up using a flat object like a spoon.

For small sticky areas left behind on your carpet you can gently snip off the very tips of the fibers without anyone being able to notice what you had to cut away. If there’s a sticky residue left over on your upholstery go ahead and try the stain removal method you read about earlier.

If that doesn’t work, see if you can find specific instructions for cleaning your furniture piece online. Sometimes manufacturers themselves have really great instructions on their websites for things like stains that just won’t come out.

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As you can see the professionals really do have cleaning upholstery and carpet down to an artform. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use some of their methods on your own to get some pretty decent results.

Just keep in mind that your DIY methods aren’t meant to entirely replace a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning. They can extend the times between having to have the pros come in and do what they do best.

With your own efforts and scheduled regular professional care, your carpets and furniture will look amazing. Once you try out these tips, take a little rest because you’ve definitely earned it.

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