Nothing excites a homemaker more than the prospect of a kitchen remodeling. A kitchen is more than a place to cook — it’s the heart of a house, it’s what makes it a home. No wonder then, you want your new kitchen to be all that you desire, and much more. For a perfect kitchen remodeling, you need a perfect team to work on it. And, if you’re lucky, you get the best. Want to know of an awe-inspiring kitchen before and after renovation? Read on.

Recently, we witnessed one such amazing kitchen makeover. This renovation of a kitchen before and after in Orcutt, CA is to be seen to believe. It was done by New Life Bath & Kitchen. These professionals are known in the area for providing flawless kitchen and bathroom remodeling services since 1978. Their list of satisfied homeowners in California’s Central Coast is a long one.  

And, after looking at the stunning work, we vouch for their professionalism. They didn’t just transform the existing kitchen into one that was magazine-worthy in terms of its designs — they did it on time, without any hiccups. The entire project took five weeks which translated to 160 man hours. It costed $66,741.

The homeowners agreed to the fact that even though the remodeling entailed in-house work, at no point of time were they subjected to any inconvenience. The team was in control of the project at all times — from preparation, construction, installation, to the final product.

What did the kitchen remodeling entail?

New Life Bath & Kitchen were tasked with expanding the kitchen by removing one of the walls. They also had to replace the kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, sink, faucet, and lights.

Phew! That’s a lot of work.

Existing kitchen

The main challenges that the team had in front of them were to change the whole face of the congested, closed kitchen — and turn it into an open kitchen concept with a lot of room for easy movement.

The existing kitchen was small, crowded, and had only one point of entry. Not a happy situation when you have guests over.

We want you to peruse through some of the kitchen before and after images. Only then will you realize the extent of the transformation. And, their magic. So here goes.

Before pictures

kitchen popcorn ceiling

The first step that New Life Bath & Kitchen took was to break down the right wall of the kitchen in order to open it up. They felt that this obstruction was making the space uncomfortably small and boring. A kitchen which naturally opens into the adjoining dining area or the next room doesn’t just look more spacious, it’s more inviting too.


The U-shaped kitchen was very run-of-the-mill and the homeowners wanted that changed. The area — complete with the counter and brown-hued cabinetry — was very basic. The refrigerator jutting out was blocking the kitchen work triangle comprising the sink, stove, and refrigerator.

kitchen closeup

Notice how the appliances seem to take up most of the space — leaving room for little else. And if see carefully, the area between the overhead cabinets and the lower ones was hardly enough as a workstation. No wonder this kitchen was losing out on efficiency.


Even the popcorn ceiling needed refurbishing. It looked too messy for the design the crew had in mind. While they liked the idea of a fanlight, the overall effect was archaic. They endeavored to change it to a modern, chicer space.

Materials used

  • Cabinets: Showplace – Pendleton -White II
  • Countertops: LG Minuet
  • Sink: Farmhouse Vigo Matte Stone
  • Faucet: Arbor Pulldown
  • Hardware: Top Knobs- M1848 Chrome
  • Backsplash: Field Glossy 3×6 white subway
  • Flooring: BeauFlor Pure Toulon Oak

The makeover

The workers removed all the existing kitchen fitments and appliances. They then proceeded to break the above-mentioned wall. The cabinets and the countertops came down next. The sink, as well as the faucets, followed.

They painted the entire kitchen white. White not just makes the area look neater, cleaner — it gives a visual illusion of more space. The color adds a warm touch too. It makes the area welcoming.

The crew replaced the cabinetry with a showplace one with flat-panel Pendleton. They used white II for a simple yet elegant touch. The countertops were LG Minuet that gave the area a rich and luxurious feel.

The new sink was farmhouse Vigo matte stone — designed for functionality and easy cleaning. The Arbor pull-down faucet was modern and easy to install. A backsplash with field glossy 3X6 white subway tiles easily became the focal point of the kitchen.

For the cabinets, the crew used Top Knobs- M1848 Chrome. These offer a contemporary, polished look to the kitchen. And they generally last for decades. The flooring was also replaced with waterproof, vinyl BeauFlor Pure Toulon Oak. This is easily one of the most innovative and user-friendly flooring solutions.

Unique features

  • The backsplash over the sink had a tiled herringbone pattern — very stylish, very chic.
  • The small glass windows over the stacked cabinets let natural sunlight in and added warmth to the area.
  • Puck lights were installed inside cabinets to add to their functionality.
  • The crew installed under-cabinet lighting — adding depth and an ethereal look to the kitchen.

After pictures

And now, let’s give you a glimpse of the jaw-dropping makeover.

We told you, your jaw will drop! The all-white kitchen is right out of a movie scene. Just look at how the crew created a larger space by removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining area. The best part about the Minuet Quartz countertop is that it can double up as a sitting area too. And, it gives a lot of counter space to work on.

remodeled kitchen style

Look at the neat arrangement of appliances. The old-fashioned ones are replaced by newer, more energy-efficient gadgets. The cabinetry is designed to integrate them in such a way that they don’t disrupt the kitchen work triangle.

White Kitchen

There is a good amount of storage that ensures clutter-free countertops for efficient working. We loved the herringbone pattern backsplash over the sink.

ceiling new

The remodeled ceiling is simple with a classy light that throws light in all directions. This combined with the natural light streaming through the glass windows, make the kitchen bright and warm. A perfect place for your friends and family to gather and converse.

After looking at the stunning kitchen before and after changes in the Orcutt kitchen remodeling project, you will agree that it’s an amazing makeover. The quality of material used, the actual installation, and the entire redesigning are a clear specimen of how a kitchen remodeling should be perfected. We applaud this dedicated team of efficient and friendly professionals.

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