A good distribution is key for having a spacious and well-lit house. Even more so if it is a luxury home design, where space must be preserved.

Home model luxury design

blueprint for home luxury design
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

One-level house. Plot 8368.94ft². Construction Area 4400.07ft². 3 bedrooms with terrace, 3 bathrooms. Foyer with living room, kitchen and dining room, bar, and open concept games area. Backyard with swimming pool, barbecue, and entertainment for parties.

Body of the house

The body of the luxury home is composed of three spaces differentiated by their volumes, all with orthogonal lines. The first is the largest and most corpulent, with more enclosure, which is the envelope of the house’s interior, and a protruding corner, which breaks with the rectangular shape.

At the front 2 semi-open volumes, are attached to the main face of the previous one. These are the terraces of the rooms, which composes of serial planes in their enclosures (L-shaped pergolas attached to the floor and the front wall), and perforated walls (openwork walls, in the form of squares), on their sides.


There are two terrace levels with more open flow volumes, as they correspond to the patio and entertainment area of the house. There are three roofs with serial planes, without total enclosure. Two are simply pergolas with the same characteristics as the “L”-shaped rooms (outdoor dining area) attached to the back facade. The other one is a sunbathing area for the swimming pool, on the lowest level. The last deck attached to the house, on the side opposite the dining room has a framed roof for 4 panes of glass, allowing light to enter, but not rain, and over these the body of the pergola. The roof also protects the outside kitchen equipment.


Perimeter to the 2 levels of the terrace, it’ll be with a planter, which also helps to support the covers. This delimits the private space from the open space of the house, with its volumetry.

luxury homes
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

It is possible to see how the access marks in the corner between the main facade and the left side, and how the prominence increases.

In addition, the choice of the pergolas placed in this way is not to close the space to the visuals from the interior of the house. There is a zigzag in the terrace levels, despite maintaining continuous circulation from the house to the green areas. The exterior decks and their activities place so as not to obscure the views of each other.

Luxury home
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The style is modern, with touches of the mid-twentieth century. We proposed breaks in the height of the planes in the enclosure walls, with a projection from the roof, to give more hierarchy to what we wanted to highlight, accesses, and facade division.

Materials and color palette

Blue-gray and white color in the enclosure panels of the walls of the house (Vinyl or stucco) gives a ribbed appearance to the facade, without overloading. Gray stone in a classic style, placed in a rectangular shape in the vertical direction (Vertical Stack bone) for the main facade, between the pergolas of the terraces. And in the rear facade in the access of the glazed folding doors to the patio terrace, both provide high contrast.

Medium concrete block walls in the perimeter planters, which also function as reinforced walls for the terraces on the site. Cobblestone pavers, in access and terraces, with a 90º herringbone pattern. White linear meter stone for the pool decking.

Teak wood for the pergolas in medium tone. For the enclosure of the terraces of the rooms on the main façade, and for the roofs on the back patio, as well as for the additional structures of these, and the glazed roof of the barbecue, in darker tones.

Distribution in a luxury home design

Luxury home plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

It has 11 windows and 6 glazed doors. Two of the doors are access doors, the main door, and the garden door, which are larger in size. They help with the lighting inside the house. In addition 9 skylights on the roof (2 for the family bathroom, 2 for the bathroom and 2 for the dressing room of the master bedroom, 2 for the guest bathroom, and 1 for the pantry room. All with a black metal frame, this gives a more modern look. Moreover, it maintains in the lamps and exterior elements.

The openings highlight with wood moldings in white for the facade in the blue panel and gray in the white panel, to highlight the doors and windows. The skylights protect by the projection of the roof frame wall. The windows, except for the bathrooms, have a wall height from the floor of 3.94ft, and after that, they reach 7.87ft. As well as the exterior doors, with which they align.

lighted pergolas
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

This facade measures 82.68ft linearly from end to end. It divides into 5 parts, the finishes, textures, and transitions of semi-open, enclosed, and open spaces.

First, we have the terrace (7.05ft), which has a concrete fretwork wall (6.40ft x 8.09ft high), perforated in the form of 0.66ftx 0.66ft squares, along with the “L” shaped pergolas (0.66ft profile vertically and horizontally at a height of 9.51ft). The openings allow space for light and visibility to enter, without invading the privacy of the room).

Then a finished wall of white wood panels that correspond to the facade of a room and the laundry room internally (22.15ft). With two windows, one for each space (5.91ft x 3.94ft including the molding), with one side sloping and the other flat on the roof (11.48ft to 13.12ft).


There’s a wall (11.32ft from the previous one) measuring 21.00ft long with a blue-gray panel finish, with a window (3.94ft x 3.94ft, including molding). Which internally belongs to the foyer and living room of the dwelling. And the reverse of the previous roof slopes down to the terrace (13.12ft to 11.48ft) balancing the facade. Then the facade retracts towards the first terrace level (9.47ft).

11.48ft x 3.94ft high, the first 0.66ft high, with a smooth finished concrete border, to give more elegance to the wall. Then it aligns with the same distance from which it was retracted. The previous one with a 1.97ft wall of the planter that comes in the front direction, and from this to the wall of the rear facade is supported by the “L” pergola of the external dining area of 14.11ft. At the same height as those described above, but here it is open without side enclosures.

The second level

A 3.28ft difference from the wall of the planter, with the same dimension of height, measures 18.70ft, with the last 1.97ft in the opposite direction to work as a structural wall of the last level of the terrace. On this side is the swimming pool, and both are seen in the background of the other pergola covers.

The exterior wall illuminates by 4 double lamp sconce lights, between the distances between windows, and one profile light on the access side. The rest of the lighting focuses inside the perimeter walls, internal to these spaces.

Home designs at night
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez


On the sides of the main facade, we see the recess for access and how the roof highlights it in the corner. The terraces at the front soften the private area of the rooms, creating a transition between a semi-open space and the private space. The element that hierarchizes the height is the stonewall that divides the more intimate space from the other. The most striking is the rhythm of the black rectangles in the vertical plane of the facade of the pergolas. Which in turn helps to further sift the access of light, indirect and visual from outside concerning the interior.

home designs
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The lighting on this side appreciates each terrace or individual courtyard as the previous facade of 4 wall lamps (double light); the wall from a point that makes the space enjoyable (access complement by the side of the front left wall, and the terraces 1 for each space). Then we have three points of linear light from a protruding volume of the stone wall to the outside of the garden, which also manages to give body to that element.

lighted luxury home plans day
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The main facade measures linearly from end to end 62.66ft. It is divided as follows:

From the recessed access wall at the facade, it measures 11.48ft with a glazed double door 6.65ft x 7.87ft high (with molding included) and a floor-to-ceiling height of 13.12ft, which is held flat on that face. Then in the cross distance (22.15ft), it notes how the screen drops to 11.48ft height which is held at the back of the private wall of the rooms (white ribbed panel wall).


The next aligned wall measures 24.94ft, and composes two terraces at the front, divided by a wall, with 1 window (3.94ft x 3.94ft), and 1 door (2.95ft x 7.87ftm), in the first room. After the wall dividing the terraces (0.33ft), a double sliding door of 5.91ft x 7.87ft.

The stone wall with a height of 13.12ft x 12.14ft, corresponds to the interior of the family bathroom; with two windows of 2.62ft x 3.28ft from a height of 5.25ft, to give privacy to the exterior. At 0.33ft from the height of the terrace pergolas, we find a strip of 0.98ft upwards, which also protrudes a volume of wall 0.66ft, and there are three linear lights of 1.97ft x 0.33ft, which give more presence to the texture of the wall.

Then we find the last section of the private terrace that is aligned to the 9.84ft of the previous one, the facade of the main room. (13.62ft x 11.48ft), with the same white panel finish, with a double sliding door of 5.91ft x 7.87ft.

Distribution of the elements

The terraces with the pergolas already described have the difference of having flat wooden rectangular enclosures painted black of 0.68ft x 1.87ft. In the middle of each segment that creates between one pergola and the next, are. One upper and one lower, while the ends are at 3 different heights.

lighted luxury home plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

On the other hand, in the next facade, which corresponds to the right side, where we keep the same length as the left side in its entirety (82.68ft). The texturing, amount of openings, closed and open elements, and division into 4 parts are a little altered.

Starting from left to right we have the terrace with the same dimensions. Then a finished wood panel wall measuring 41.17ft, divided only by color and by a 0.33ft blue over white (22.15ft white and 19.02ft blue), where we find changes in the slope of the roof screen from 11.48ft to the top of 13.12ft aligned to go back down at the edge to 11.48ft again.

Two windows in this section correspond to the master bedroom bathroom. (2.62ft x 3.28ft including the molding), starting at 5.91ft from the floor to where the window begins to rise.

In order to preserve the aesthetics and prevent the components of the facades and roofs from interfering with one another, the first level of the terrace on this side begins at the same level and is retracted on the second level. The same length of the garden walls with the same measures for both terraces. But from the first section, the serial plane formed by the pergolas with the roof of the grill area creates two closed planes. The roof and the attached wall of the house, are semi-open on the front side of this facade with the equipment, and semi-open, with the wall of the planter on the side. Although it is visible, the glass keeps close to protect this space from outside light.

lighted pergolas
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Pergolas, an element of luxury

The pergolas are separated from the corners at 2.30ft. The occupancy length is 10.82ft. They are maintained with the same modulation and height as the others. On the side of the wall of the planter is attached an L-shaped structure, outside the retreat, with 0.66ft wide.

The same layout of the pergolas repeats on the next terrace level where the sunbathing area in front of the pool is located. Only this one has no roof like the external dining area, but it supports by a “C” shaped structure. With vertical supports attached to the wall of the planters, which is also the retaining wall of the terraces. They are 0.66ft thick, made of a darker wood than that of the pergolas, and at 2.07ft on one side and 4.04ft on the other, concerning the corner of the planters.

Illumination plans on
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez
Illumination home plan
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The entry to the terraces from the green spaces and the luxurious house is front and center in the rear aspect of the building. The continuous stairs leading from the dining room to the folding doors, which accesses, serve as a primary axis.

Another secondary access to a corridor that connects to the services and bedrooms. This place is on the first terrace, between the fire pit and the outdoor kitchen. To the right of the first level, is another outdoor dining area. While on the lower terrace, it is a whole entertainment area for the enjoyment of the sun and the pool. The partial shade of the pergolas and the incoming light appreciate in this rest and gathering area.

Facade illumination
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Illumination in a luxury home design

The illumination at night also sets the ambiance of the spaces to maintain a luxury home design, ideal for a celebration. With a capacity of 27 seats and more people in the pool or around. Sconces or recessed lighting mounted on the walls emphasize the surfaces and materials, while focused ceiling lights shed more light on the rooms and furniture.

With 5 wall sconces with double lamp. Perimeter recessed lights of various sizes and ceiling spotlights 8 for the facade, and 11 spotlights on the roofs and structures.

luxury home facade
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez
Luxury home floor plan
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The rear facade when you have a luxury home design

Measures 62.66ft, divided by the wall of the upper terrace on the side of the external kitchen, 14.99ft x 6.56ft the wall of the planter; Then rises 6.23ft to the roof of the first deck, then rises again another 1.97ft one on the back wall of the house in blue wood finish measuring 9.02ft long x 11.48ft high. External kitchen cabinets with a grill and shelving are situated on this wall, which is lined with medium-toned pine wood. At a height of 8.53ft, under the roof of the attached deck.

The next division has an overhang of 2.30ft leaving the middle body of the 2 accesses to the house. The first leads to a distributor hallway (2.95ft x 7.87ft), a window (5.91ft x 3.94ft), and the access door to the open concept of the house with folding doors (13.12ft x 7.87ft). The section measures 32.64ft with a height of 13.12ft. The wall finish is a gray stone in a rectangular pattern in a vertical direction (same as the main wall).

The last section aligns with the height of the first at 11.48ft high and measures 21.00ft, with 2 windows (5.91ft x 3.94ft). The blue-gray wood finish with white moldings in the openings returns and the facade’s flat lines preserve throughout.

The previous section protrudes, 0.33ft from this plane, and from there the pergolas of the external dining area attach and occupy 11.48ft in that direction. Just aligned with the planter that divides the terrace from the green area, between the two windows of that wall. The rest is in the green area at 9.42ft.

Illumination of Pergolas

The “L”-shaped pergolas fix the wall and the planter’s wall, which also acts as containment for the first terrace’s slope (26.74 feet by 6.56 feet), and they take on the role of the pool’s main feature. Clad in aligned wood planks, with the same finish as the exterior kitchen wall. And with 5 recessed linear LED lights (0.49ft x 3.45ft), 2 on the left and three on the right, illuminating the pool. Then perimetrically this lighting repeats on the wall of the planters, and even towards the steps, providing ambiance to the spaces.

Distribution of the Terrace

The central circulation is 4.92ft, going up 5 steps of 0.66ft, thus having a difference of 3.28ft between the terraces. On the left side, the continuous wall measures 30.68ft, including the exterior of the green area and the interior of the sunbathing area. The latter area, it has 3 vertical lights (0.49ft x 1.71ft). The structure of the pergola at 1.39ft, of both the front and back walls in a “C” shape. It supports transversely the pergola in an “L” shape that attacks the other corner of the left wall, also at 3.28ft from the wall. The internal height of the pergola is 8.85ft and the external height of the pergola is 9.19ft. Both front walls are 3.28ft high, the left wall 14.21ft, and the right wall 26.74ft.

The design of a luxury home is undoubtedly a challenge, which must be carried out hand in hand with good architects. We hope our architect Edna Ramírez has taken you by the hand with this charming design.

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