The front door of any home is literally our first line of defense against the big, bad world outside. However, the door is no longer alone. While the doorbell used to be a tool meant to inform us that someone was at the door, it has now become an automated safety device. 

Modern smart devices, like the Ring Video Doorbell, come with some pretty awesome security features, including letting you see and speak with whoever is at your door, motion detection, being able to remotely monitor your door using your smartphone, and more.

While the newer models of Ring Video Doorbells, such as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, are directly hardwired to your home’s power, some of the older models were battery-operated. In this short read, we’re going to explain how you can replace the battery on the older models.

The Ring doorbell battery

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Ring provides their devices with a 6000 mAh rechargeable battery. The good news is that these batteries last as much as six to twelve months in between charges. Of course, how often the intercom and video features are used as well as how often the motion sensors are activated affect the battery power consumption.

While a lot of owners find it convenient to stock up on a second battery so their Ring doorbell is never out of power, you could simply recharge the battery like you would your phone. However, that would mean your device would be powered down while the battery recharges.

The reason for this is because, unlike a phone, the battery from a Ring doorbell needs to be removed in order to charge it, and this could take up to a few hours.

Ring offers its customers a one-year warranty on their batteries, so if anything happens to the battery during that time period, they will replace it for free. However, a replacement battery is always handy to have around and will cost you around $30 to purchase online.

The company also has a solar-powered recharger available for $50 for their doorbells. This device will help your Ring battery stay charged through most weather conditions, and saves you the trouble of having to worry about backup power for the device.

Changing the battery

While the battery-operated Ring Video Doorbell 1st gen does come with a quick-release battery pack to make changing batteries easy, the battery itself is protected behind the tough outer shell. This means you will need to remove the faceplate of the device to access the battery. Here are step-by-step instructions to guide you along the way.

Removing the faceplate

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  1. The first thing you will need to do is to unscrew the security screw. Ring provides all customers with a proprietary screwdriver just for this purpose. Use it to remove the security screw.
  2. The faceplate will still be attached to the outer shell. To remove it, push the faceplate upwards using your thumb while your index and middle fingers support it. Make sure you don’t drop the faceplate and damage it!

Removing the battery

  1. You will see the battery and a quick release tab towards the top of the battery. Press this tab and carefully slide the battery out of its place.
  2. Connect it to a micro USB charger which you ought to find with the Ring Doorbell’s original packaging. It will be a few hours before you have the battery charged. Is worth the battery life you will get, though.

Replacing the battery

  1. Take either the standby battery you have or the freshly charged battery. Simply slide it into the socket until you hear the rectangular release tab snap. This means the battery is sitting in place.
  2. Turn on the system to confirm everything is functional.
  3. Replace the faceplate and the security screw. 
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