This may have happened to the best of us at some point in life – finding ourselves locked out of a room. That’s why it’s important to know how to unlock a bedroom door without a key.

This situation is not just annoying but can even be dangerous sometimes. What if your child is inside or you need to access your closet urgently? Before you consider breaking down the door, you may want to learn the different ways to open a door without a key. This helpful guide lists some of the techniques that may work in getting you inside the room without having to destroy the entire door. 

And if you know how to unlock a bedroom door without a key, and your method works, you’ll not have to call a professional locksmith.

Use household items

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It is possible to unlock a bedroom door using simple household tools and materials. However, keep in mind that this may not work for all types of locks. You can try using different tools and techniques to see which one works.

Thin wire or rod

If you have a door that has privacy handles and is locked by a button pressed on the handle, this method may work. Look for the little keyhole on the doorknob. Insert a small butter knife, thin wire, or rod. You could even hammer a paper clip flat and use it. Push it as far as you can – all the while twisting it in different directions. It may catch a groove and open the door lock.

Bobby pins

To unlock keyholes, you’ll want two bobby pins bent in a specific direction. One pin should be bent such that it is perpendicular to the two free ends. With the first, create a long, straight piece. The pin’s second fulcrum should be bent.

Curve one end slightly to create a pick. Place it as high as possible in the keyhole. You may be able to lock or unlock the door.


A screwdriver is another useful tool to unlock interior doors. Begin by pressing a small screwdriver into the hole of the doorknob in a straight line. Then, spin or twist the door lock until it opens. The idea is for it to catch a groove.

For a spring lock, use a slotted screwdriver and slide it between the bolt and the door frame. Wriggle it back and forth until the lock is pushed back into the door. 

Keycard or a credit card

You can use an old keycard, credit card, or a flexible laminated card to unlock a door. Keep in mind while this method may open a spring lock, it won’t work on a deadbolt. Swipe the card between the door frame and the lock up and down. This will help force the lock back into the door and eventually open it. If there’s less space between the lock and the frame, do the swiping about three inches above the lock – all the while tilting the card towards the frame.

Try your hand at a lock-picking set

You can try to pick the lock yourself by using a lockpicking set. It comes with a variety of hooks and rakes that generally work on different types of door locks. You’ll also need an Allen key and a paper clip to pick the lock.

The lock-picking set can be used in two ways. The scrubbing method and the pin-by-pin technique. You can use any method that is appropriate to unlock your particular door.

For the scrubbing technique, carefully insert the paperclip and the Allen key into the keyhole. Now raise them upward and backward. Increase the pressure on the Allen key till you feel the lock shifting. 

If this doesn’t work, try the pin-by-pin method to open the lock by gently pressing the Allen key down while gradually inserting the paperclip in a circular motion. When the paperclip contacts the pin, lift it upward until it clicks into place.

Lubricate the keyhole

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If you have a jammed lock, you should try lubrication. Pour or spray a small quantity of oil into the keyhole and wait for some time. It will help lubricate the pins in an otherwise dried-out lock.

Remove the door hinges

Removing the hinges on the door that refuses to open is one of the options. Place a screwdriver between the top or bottom knuckle of the hinge and the pinhead. The screwdriver handle should then be tapped with a mallet to allow it to wedge downward. This will enable the removal of the pin by loosening the pinhead. At this point, remove the pin and store it carefully. Push the door open when all the pins have been removed.

Drill the lock away

One of the extreme options is to drill the lock or the area around it with m7 or m42 drill bits. Start by drilling over the keyhole. Remember to apply oil to the bits.

Use a screwdriver to pry open the lock’s internal cylinder and insert it into the drilled hole. While the lock will get damaged, the door will remain intact. 

If the door still won’t open, drill around the lock – loosening the wood. Push open the door open. However, this method will damage your door – making it necessary for you to buy a new door. 

Break the lock

This should be your last resort. If there’s an emergency and the locksmith is away, use a hammer or clutches to smash the doorknob. 

Hire a professional locksmith

The best way to deal with a locked door is to call a professional. They have the expertise and the right equipment. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your door. When you have no idea about the type of lock mechanism your door has, it’s a good idea to wait for an experienced locksmith.

Last thoughts

If you’re locked out of your bedroom without access to the key, this guide should help you. There are several tips and tricks on how to unlock a bedroom door without a key. Hopefully, one should work for you.

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