If you’re a family with dogs, then invisible fences are probably a blessing to your home. These technological marvels allow you peace of mind while your furry friends enjoy the outdoors without you having to keep a constant eye on their whereabouts.

However, a lot of homeowners keep complaining that their invisible fence keeps beeping without reason a lot of times and wonder why that happens. In this short but informative read, we’re going to answer why your invisible fence is beeping and what you can do about it. 

What is an invisible fence?

invisible dog fence

Invisible Fence Inc. is actually a company that has been making cat and dog fences since 1973. Their most popular products are wireless and fenceless systems that consist of an underground fence wire as well as a pet collar with a built-in receiver. 

The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver collar and delivers a small shock to your pet to prevent it from running out. This product has now become synonymous with the company name and is popularly called an invisible fence, and has now become more popular than traditional fences with pet owners.

Why is my invisible fence beeping?

There are multiple reasons why your invisible dog fence’s control panel is beeping. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

Wire problems

If the fence is beeping rapidly, it generally means that you have a broken boundary wire that needs to be fixed.

Let’s first understand how the invisible fence system actually works. A powered wire travels underground from the transmitter, which is usually placed in your garage or basement, all the way around the perimeter of your property and back to the transmitter. Simply put, it forms an underground dog fence that is all but invisible to the eye.

Now. if the current doesn’t come back to the transmitter, then the invisible fence control panel assumes there is a wire break somewhere on your property and starts beeping. 

You could either fix the wire yourself or call a company technician to do it for you. If you intend to fix it yourself, remember to first cut off power to the fence both from the backup batteries and the main power cord.

Transmitter problems

Another reason for the control panel beeping rapidly could also be because of a damaged invisible fence transmitter. There is a simple loop test you could do to confirm if this is the case.

Turn off the power to the system and remove the cover of the transmitter. Then, unhook the two ends of the wire that leave the transmitter and return to it, replacing it with a short wire between the two terminals. 

If, when you restore the power, the transmitter continues to beep, the reason for the beeping is a bad transmitter. If the beeping stops, it means that the problem is likely to be a damaged wire.

Battery problems

If your dog fence is beeping for a while, stop and then resume to beep. It means that your backup battery needs to be replaced. While the fence will still work for as long as you have power, you will not have a backup in case of a power outage. 

All you need to do in this case is order a new battery immediately and replace it, so you don’t need to worry about your dog running to the street when there’s no power.

Collar problems

When your pet gets too close to the invisible fence boundary line, the fence collar beeps before delivering a mild shock. This beeping is to indicate to your pet that they are too close to or about to cross the perimeter of the fence. 

Ideally, that is the only time when the collar should beep: when your pet is in close proximity to the boundary line. However, if the collar seems to be beeping when the pet is at home or not even close to the boundary, then it means the pet collar is faulty and either needs to be repaired or replaced.

It still helps to be vigilant

invisible fence dog

The invisible fence was created by a traveling salesman named Richard Peck, who, during his travels across the country, saw how many pets got run over when they ran out of their homes onto the roads. Now, these dog fences are effective in that they do help keep pets within the set boundaries. And there is the fact that they are also a lot less expensive than traditional fencing.

However, while a pet fence is a great idea, it is important to remember that these are still electronic gadgets that could malfunction at any time for a variety of reasons. So even if you do have an invisible fence set up, keep an eye on your front yard every now and then, just to make sure your furry friends are still safe and happy. 

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The most annoying thing is having problems for buying poor quality batteries in these cases XD