If there’s one place in the world where you are most at home, it’s your bathroom. It’s where you get to pamper yourself, be yourself. So why not decorate it wisely? We have 11 bathroom wall decor ideas that will not just create a space that’s both inspiring and relaxing but will wow you with their ingenuity.  

These bathroom wall decor designs will uplift your mood and make you feel centered. After all, you might be spending considerable time in there. Maybe leisurely applying a facial mask or soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long, tiring day. Choose well and make your bathroom wall decor a reflection of you.  

1. Vibrant Wallpapers

Nothing motivates you to start your day more than an inviting bathroom that is infused with abundance of energy. The splattering of colors in wallpapers, rugs, towels welcome you wholeheartedly. Invest in bright-hued wallpaper designs for that perfect downtime. You may even opt for different prints. Our personal favorite is floral. The positivity which flowers reflect is unparalleled. Fresh or pasted, they uplift the mood instantly.

2. Vanity Lights

bathroom lighting

A growing trend in modern bathroom wall decor is the usage of old-world vanity lights atop mirrors. Effortlessly combining great lighting and mirror, these offer a dramatic, splendid look. Sit in front of such a well-lit mirror and feel glamorous, a la Marlyn Monroe. If you choose lights above an ordinary mirror instead, remember to place these 75 to 80 inches above the floor. They must be at least 150 watts, ideally spread over 24 inches or more. This is to ensure that the light falls evenly over the face.

3. Brick Walls

Want to think out of the box? Try the raw brick-layered look for your walls. They will lend a rustic charm that’ll make you go weak in the knees. The simple, homely wall is combined with a modern shower panel for a heterogeneous touch. Install an unpretentious wooden tub and get the ultimate Vietnamese experience. And, if you’re feeling even more experimental, put a ladder against a wall to hang your linen and towels. Game for it?

4. Eclectic Mix Of Wood Panels and Bricks

A great way to offset a brightly hued brick wall would be to use wood panels. Here, the overwhelmingly blue backdrop is balanced by the simplicity of the wood. You can use such panels to accentuate windows, mirrors, or sinks in the most simple yet stylish way. Wood has an undeniable old-world feel that’s comforting and warm. Throw in a few hand spun rugs to complete the eclectic look.   

5. Tile Accents

Subway tiles help give your bathroom wall a unique perspective. The right pattern and color will open up the bathroom space and break up the area. Here, rows of small square tiles provide a resting place for the eyes through the brilliant color palette. Just make sure that there is a pleasant pattern, and a clean way to end it. Notice how a second mirror has been put up to further accentuate the design. One word of caution though: do not go overboard with the accents. Less is more. Also, symmetry is the keyword here.

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6. Bathroom Wall Mantras

Need your daily dose of confidence? Hang your favorite inspirational quotes on one of the bathroom walls. Keep these black-and-white accents simple and relevant. The ideal place for them would be near the bathroom mirror. Make an effort to read them everyday and start on a bright note. You can even keep rotating and changing them as you please.

7. DIY Utility Containers

Wall-mounted storage

Storage is indeed an issue with smaller bathroom spaces. The best solution is to make DIY racks and hang them. This is a clever way to ensure that they don’t take up valuable countertop space. Pick items such as mason jars or used bottles and group them together to store trinkets and knick-knacks such as cotton swabs, earbuds, or even bobby pins. Their upkeep is also a cinch. Just bring them down, clean them, and restock. You can invest in sturdy hooks to hang them from. Limit them to only one wall. They’ll look more organized and provide a clutter-free look. A great bathroom wall decor idea indeed!

8. Wall Art


Abstract watercolor, acrylic, or glass painting – choose an artwork that becomes a focal point of your bathroom walls. Make a statement through the brilliant mix of colors and medium. Your bathroom is reflective of your personal taste and choices. So, go crazy.

9. Wall Decals

Add some fun to your bathroom walls with pretty decals. These wall stickers are affordable, easy to use, and come in all kinds of colors, sizes, and styles. Since they are easily removable, you can change or customize the look of your bathroom regularly. Just make sure your wall decals matches the style, color, and vibe of the bathroom walls. Inspirational quotes, funny one-liners, or cartoons – your choice.

9. Splash Of Greenery

This bathroom wall decor idea is not for the faint-hearted. One complete wall of the room is dedicated to green foliage that liven up the space, and how! Bring the outdoors home. It’ll calm you as only nature can. Boston ferns, bamboo, begonia, Chinese evergreen are some of the wet-loving plants you can grow in your bathroom.

10. Picture Wall

Since a bathroom reflects the moods and preferences of its owner, lining up its walls with photographs and memorabilia is a great way to make it more personal. That cross-country trip you went on, the framed postcards you received, or the handmade doodle your toddler created – are perfect for your sanctuary. Remember to group them together in odd numbers. Such an arrangement is more appealing to the eye than the even one.

11. Frameless Extra-large Mirrors

bathroom mirror

Nothing spells glamour as clearly as a mirrored interior. It’ll brighten up your bathroom by reflecting light and give an illusion of more space. You can either opt for floor-to-ceiling mirrors or extra-wide ones. Either way, your bathroom will look splendid. Trust us, you’ll be spending even more time than usual in there!

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Your bathroom is a place that makes you feel pampered and peaceful. It’s perhaps the most important room in your house. It’s where you start and finish your day. A sanctuary where you decompress, analyze decisions and come out refreshed. We believe, it sets the tone for the rest of your home and mirrors your personal style. Peruse through our many bathroom wall decor ideas and choose the ones that suit you. And, if you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation in the near future, you know where to look.

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