The following 3D patio design allows us to observe elements that may go unnoticed but are part of the environment. Let’s see this design created by our architect:

Front yard

In this 3d patio design is essential to define both vehicular and pedestrian access, enhance the anteroom with architectural or natural elements, privatize a single-family house, away from the immediacy of the street, reduce noise, and expand the area for ventilation, and lighting, as fundamental and functional aspects, which directly impact on comfort, quality of life, energy savings and proximity to the human element of feeling with the natural elements.

It is also important to leave a space for possible future expansion of the house, this helps with the revaluation of the property, if it is added at the level of footage, this is associated with what the law allows, according to the type of building and local regulations, but also in some cases leads to the design of another facade, perimeter enclosure, to provide security. Also, in other cases, it is a voluntary decision according to the preferences of the users.

Overall plan of  3D patio design
Overall plan – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The front yard of a modern-style house

With the amount of area 4220.3sqr ft

After the definition above, we can say that the design is based on a series of spaces that define the front yard, with several areas, not only the green area, or garden areas.

The left side of this 3d patio design

On one side, on the left side facing the street, we have both vehicular and pedestrian access, defined by the overhang of the upper floor volume, over this area, leaving semi-covered parking and access area, reinforcing its visibility.

At the back of these, access to the building, on the parking side, on one side of the house, and to a side courtyard at the back. On the pedestrian side, with a roofed area and a porch, from the lower retreat to the roof there is an elevated terrace, delimited by an “L” shaped planter, which demarcates this sector closing with vegetation.

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Right side

Finally, to the right and with greater extension a green area delimited to the front by a low vegetation, with 2 low trees on each side, and on a background wall to a sitting area with a sofa furniture and chairs on the outside, under a pergola tensioned roof, which is supported by this wall that falls as a waterfall. Being the focal point of this space, with plants and the planter complementing the scene.

 3D patio design view of vehicular
View of vehicular and pedestrian access – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

In this 3d patio design by our architect, the natural elements are sectored in a more orderly manner, with the planters, also leaving a large lawn area.

The dimensions of the spaces and their respective areas are as follows from left to right. The front measures 103.52 linear feet.

  • The garden wall of 4 levels, but up to the vehicular access there are 3 levels, each 1.64ft high (0.49ft to 3.78ft) Dimensions 59.71ft x 5.91ft. Area 352.63ft².
  • Semi-covered parking or garage with capacity for 5 vehicles. Variable dimensions, 19.69ft x 34.12ft; 9.04ft x 25.59ft. Area 902.89ft².
  • Driveway. Dimensions 14.29ft x 34.12. Area 487.41ft².
  • Access and distribution porch: 5.91ft x 61.02ft. Area 360.38ft².
  • Front Patio 2117.05ft²: Green area with furniture under the pergola. Dimensions 57.087ft x 28.87ft. Area 1648.17ft². “L” shaped planter. Varied dimensions, 34.78ft x 5.91ft; 44.62ft x 5.91ft. Area 468.86ft².

The overhang of the second floor (19.96ft x 29.86ft), is an anteroom deck that marks the entrance to the house and generates a porch, along with the recessed volume of the first floor (5.91ft), to which 4 benches of concrete profiles of 4 thicknesses and in a light tone, (5.91ft x 1.48ft, 1.48ft high), are added under the roof and two others from the walkway to the street.


The two-tone cobblestone pavement, differentiating the hard mobility areas, is lighter for the pedestrian area and darker for the parking area, with alternating horizontal pattern, a 0.49 ft. height difference.

On the longer side, there is space for 3 vehicles (126.90ft), and on the shorter side two more (34.12ft), where there is a roofed side of the first vehicle.

The gray concrete block garden wall, on the left with a height of 0.49ft, measures 39.37ft x 5.91ft wide at the first step, rising 1.64ft (2.13ft accumulated), concerning the previous one with 10.1706ft long, and the next one the same with 1.64ft more (3.78ft accumulated), reaching the step of the side patio. This added with shrubs and herbaceous plants with heights 1.64ft to 3.28ft makes the enclosure between 2.30ft to 7.05ft.

The planter on the right is in an “L” shape, with the same material, 0.66ft high from the access and the porch, and from the outside on the lawn 1.15ft. On that side, there is a space of 0.33ft for a linear LED light that marks the space of the green area of the front yard.

3d patio designs
View of green area, a sector with furniture under pergolas. – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez


At the end of the facade on the right side starts a cascading wall from the terrace of the second-floor volume, with a width of 22.31ft from which rests a wooden pergola of wood planks in gray and black (20.34ft x 9.84ft), anchored and tensioned by three points to that wall at 9.19ft in height, leaving a clear height of 7.87ft.

The planter reaches the end of the facade of the portico, and on that wall climbing plants are placed, which climb up the wall and are supported by the pergola, and project with the lights and shadows generated by the sun to create textures with them. In the background, a walkway (3.94ft) leads to the right-side patio and the portico behind the wall.

Night mode

In the night images, we can see how the placement of the lights induces a space with a much more intimate feeling at night, without saturating, and some reflections are made by the tones of the walls, the contrast and variety are generated by the lights of the perimeter wall, and those projected by the bushes on this wall, using green and yellow, thus giving strength to the wood and the foliage of the plant.

The meeting area is provided by the furniture with a capacity of 7 people seated, under the pergola, with a set of furniture sofa Musique Aluminium Lounge Chair, one of three seats (7.55ft x 2.79ft, 1.31ft high), two single (2.79ft x 2.79ft) both of the same set of dark brown aluminum structure in x the side and bottom backrests, gray leather textiles with turquoise blue borders, gray and white cushions with turquoise stripes.

Patio design night plan
Plan of the night set – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Two Christopher Knight Home Abraham medium tone wood rocking chairs (2.30ft x 3.28ft x 1.31ft), two circular tables (2.22ft diameter x 1.38ft high), set to the sides with a light tone wood slatted surface, kobb pattern, and perpendicular dark wood legs with the square center.

A center table (3.25ft x 2.30ft x 1.02ft), paneled pattern surface with dark tone wood slatted surface.

Herringbone plants in gray ceramic pots to complement.

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