A great terrace house design is integrated into the home to create a transition between the open areas of the patio and the enclosed social or private areas of the home. They are generally used with the intention of expanding the social areas, if not associated with a bedroom.

Also, the terrace can be directly on the patio, if there are no large spaces, or be roofed, semi-open, or totally uncovered. This allows them to be configured in many ways. Depending on this, they must provide safety, comfort, and convenience and choose the highest quality of elements and materials. This guarantees a long useful life for the area designated as a terrace.

In the case of using it as an outdoor living room, it is necessary to take into account the proximity to the house with social areas, to use it as a second family room, with activities, or for relaxation, use, and contemplation of the outdoor patio.

Take care!

Another very important factor is the climate, which will always generate wear on the furniture. Care should be taken to choose weather-resistant materials to avoid deterioration. Also create an interesting focal point, or where to direct our attention and contemplation, as well as provide it with privacy.

terrace house design plans
Terrace Floor, Outdoor Room – By Edna Ramirez

Uses of the terraces houses

Among other activities, you can grow plants, which help in the aesthetics of the decoration, as well as to take advantage of them for fresh food consumption, directly taken from a small potted garden or a nearby green area, also aromatic plants that can produce another stimulation apart from that of rest and contemplation.

The terrace houses can also be the perfect place for the users’ pets to spend as much time as possible outside because the fresh air can help improve their health and, at the same time, reduce stress and anxiety. Vitamin “D”, too, is essential for animals and when they spend time outdoors, they are usually happier and can have their bed in this space enjoying these benefits.

Users who also like animals can use them to change their routine, exercise, or even work outdoors or in open and covered spaces, so as not to get bored and to improve their creativity and health by decreasing stress.

It also helps to enjoy privacy and free time without others around you. And if you want to add even more privacy, by means of enclosures, we can make a more private design from the neighbors, complement it with vegetation, and enjoy open space as much as you want.

A terrace is an excellent place to put some furniture and receive guests, through the furniture that is incorporated the user is encouraged to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunlight, enjoy reading, or have a meal.

View from the right side and pool
View from the right side, retreat towards the roofed terrace. – By Edna Ramirez

Terrace house design or second living room

It is located on the main floor, under an extension of the elevated terrace on the second floor of the house, which serves as the roof of the main floor terrace.

Dimensions of the terrace house design

Enclosed to the front courtyard by a wall with a planter (back wall), with access to the house from the top. Open on two sides to the backyard that connects to a swimming pool, and to the right-side retreat with green areas.

  • Dimensions of the covered terrace area: 24.28ft x 18.37ft. Area 446.06ft².
  • Dimensions without circulation use: 19.69ft x 14.44ft. Area 284.17ft².
  • The perimeter of the floor retreat to the right-side retreat is 3.94ft and 6.56ft from the covered walkway to the pool.
  • Green area 9.19ft x 37.40ft. Area 343.58ft².

Modern minimalist design style, with walls in a smooth finish in both the hallway and the roof in white, and the enclosure of the house with wooden slats in gray, outdoor pavers with an alternating pattern horizontally, with a level of 0.49ft in height, with respect to the lawn area.

Front view of the pool
Front view from the pool area to the terrace. – By Edna Ramirez

Furniture of the terrace house design

The furniture has simple and modern lines with a capacity for 8 to 10 people.

  • An “L” shaped sectional sofa for 5–6 people, upholstered in red, measuring 3.22ft x 11.32ft on the longest side, 7.55ft on the shortest side, seat height 1.41ft, and 2.23ft to the back. Gold-colored metal leg supports.
  • A dark or wedge wood frame sofa, with gray upholstered fabric, measuring 8.70ft x 3.20ft, with seat heights of 1.45ft, and 2.55ft to the back.
  • A square puff measuring 3.44ft x 3.44ft, 1.31ft high. The cushion is 1.05ft high, on silver-colored metal legs in an “L” shape.
  • A coffee table measures 4.10ft x 2.3ft, and 1.31ft high. The top is made of wood slats in various shades, with a thickness of 0.09ft. The black metal frame of 1.41ft profiles, with a lower level of black and white tiles measuring 1.75ft x 3.81ft, at a height of 1.80ft from the floor.
  • Three side tables, with black top (0.007ft), and orthogonal profiles in black metal (0.1ft thick), of various sizes. One is located behind the red sectional sofa (1.31ft x 7.87ft x 1.31ft) and two are on the right side of the gray sofa (0.98ft x 0.98f and height of 1.77ft, while the second measures 1.31ft x 1.31ft x 1.31ft).
view of the living room of terrace
View from the outer room to the courtyard. – By Edna Ramirez

Ornamental plants

For decoration, two gray ceramic pots, circular in diameter 1.31ft, and 1.25ft high. On a black metal profile support of 0.04ft thick, and a height of 1.46ft, the supports cross downwards, perpendicularly. Plants with palms. The rest of the gray plastic pots are small to complement the table’s decoration. Low-maintenance houseplants.


For artificial lighting, we have 8 white LED ceiling lights, circular, with a diameter of 0.21ft x 0.26ft in height, in black metal, grouped linearly two by two, at a distance of 7.32ft longitudinal and 8.02ft transverse.

This space functions as a second room that allows to be the transition between the house and the exterior, but to continue with the house, and to make two patio areas be appreciated, such as the green areas of the lateral retreat, with its nocturnal play of lights and its bushes. On the other hand, the appreciation of the pool area as a stage in the background.

Living room of the terrace house design.
View from the outdoor room to the pool area. – By Edna Ramirez


The enclosure walls at the back (6.56ft x 6.56ft x 0.66ft thick), and on the right side, are modulated by clean concrete walls, in a very light tone (10.83ft long x 6.56ft high, with 0.66ft thick), and with the same modulation, on the wall, a wood panel, of the same dimensions but with a thickness on the wall that protrudes 0.16ft, from the end wall. They are placed in an odd shape, to continue creating rhythms and contrasts.

At the 3.28ft height of the slatted walls, light fixtures are placed on the wall, in the shape of a triangle (0.35ft bottom side, 0.18ft top side, 0.49ft height), in black metal, with double light, to reflect on the wall, located on each side, top and bottom.

Shrubs, with abundant green foliage, 5.91ft to 6.56ft high, are placed on the concrete walls, along with a projector, placed from the ground, very close to enhance its foliage with green color. This helps to make the shade and color reflect off the light concrete wall and take on a different texture at night, and during the day silhouettes shadows in the sun.

View of the terrace house design
View of the enclosure wall, at night. – By Edna Ramirez
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