When you decide to finish your basement and utilize every inch of it — whether as a game room, a bathroom, a second kitchen, a living room, or a basement guest room — you’ve already made a wise decision. 

After all, an unfinished basement with no planning whatsoever ends up being a dumping ground for all your waste household items — something that’s to be avoided at all costs! 

There is indeed a myriad of ways in which a basement can be used, and enjoyed. 

And just because it’s below ground level doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a dark and gloomy living area. In fact, you can make this space the most interesting part of your home by using creative lighting techniques, striking color schemes, and practical design ideas. And that’s exactly what our in-house architect helps you with, in this blog. The expert will help you turn your basement layout into a cheerful living area.

Basement guest room floor plan

guest bedroom area blueprints
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

Guest rooms are an essential part of your home. They allow you to comfortably host family or friends — providing them with a pleasant stay. And, giving them the privacy they deserve.

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Our architect believes that it’s important to create a space with a versatile, functional, and stylish design. Your unique basement guest room should make your visitors feel welcome and part of your home.

The interior design

Guest bedroom full layout
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

The location of the guest room is next to the basement laundry room and a corridor that leads to the staircase from the main floor. 

The guest area is made up of three spaces, a ¾ bathroom with a double sink, the basement guest room (13.78ft x 13.94ft; total area: 192.14sqm), and a terrace (11ft x 13.94ft; total area: 153.25ft²). The dimensions of the basement bathroom are 9.51ft x 10.50ft — with a total area of ​​99.89ft².

The architect recommends installing large windows which would keep the semi-basement space well ventilated and illuminated with natural light — improving your living quality and comfort.

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Basement guest bedroom

The focal point of the basement guest room is the king-size bed. And, it stands out because of the unique headboard design, the accent wall behind the bed, and the rustic wooden bench at the foot of the bed.

The bed is located in the center of the guest bedroom and the bedroom wall is accentuated with a striking wallpaper design that stands in contrast to the headboard, the wall colors, the curtains, and the rustic-style bed. 

The room also features a glass door (2.95ft wide x 8.20ft high), a window (3.28ft wide x 4.92ft high), and good storage space.

Instead of traditional side tables, there are two storage units on each side of the bed, a bookshelf (3.28ft long x 1.48ft deep and 6.40ft high) and a dresser on the right (6.56ft long x 1.48ft wide x 2.36ft high) that comes with a round mirror.

There’s a built-in closet (7.38ft long x 1.97ft x 7.38 high) in front of the bed — providing the perfect storage space for guests who want to stay for a long time. While the closet could be brought up to the ceiling for added storage, the architect recommends leaving about 2.46ft above the wall to accommodate a T.V. flat screen.

There are two doors, the left door is 2.95ft x 6.89ft and the right door, leading to the bathroom, is 2.62ft x 6.89ft.

The interesting wooden lamps (1.48ft wide and 2.20ft high), hanging from the wooden panel of the ceiling, over the bed, beautifully accentuate the guest room — making it fun, dynamic, and harmonious.

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The inside views

front view of the room from the access wall towards the exit to the terrace
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

Front view of the room, towards the terrace

Side view of the room from the right side
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

Side view of the room

Front view of the bedroom towards the closet and accesses
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

Front view of the bedroom

Detail view of the chest of drawers with mirror
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

Detailed view of the chest of drawers with mirror

The decor

Bed decor detail
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

The architect has mainly used a green color palette, in various shades, throughout the room — be it in the bedroom furniture, furnishing, pillows, and cushions. The wooden elements and the cream undertones in the room further add an earthy touch. 

The architect has also used a lot of gold — in the round mirror, the hardware, and even the furnishing. The light wood floor is in a herringbone pattern to bring out an interesting contrast.

Do not miss the unique orange wooden mandala clock and the many indoor plants that complement the home decor.

Guest bathroom

Front view of washroom and bathroom access
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

Dimensions: 9.51ft x 10.50ft

Total area: 99.89ft²

The bathroom is located between the hallway and the guest room, with two doors — a hinged door from the bedroom and a barn-style sliding door from the hall.

The bathroom has been practically designed with a double bathroom sink (5.085ft x 1.97ft and 2.85ft high), lower storage, and a sufficient number of drawers (2.40ft x 0.89ft). Two oval bathroom mirrors (2.83ft x 1.50ft) and interesting light fixtures on the wall complete the look. 

The shower is located at the back. Interestingly, it features an in-built seat for more comfort. You can choose to install sliding glass doors of about 7.55ft height or leave the shower area open. The toilet has been kept separate from the shower stall. 

The bathroom features a window that’s 7.55ft high, with dimensions 5.25ft x 2.30ft. 

View of access to the WC and the shower
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

The architect beautifully makes use of indirect lighting to add a softness to the bathroom. Plus, the lighting is completely relaxing — unlike the glare from direct lighting. 

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You can complement the bathroom design with hanging plants such as ferns and other indoor plants that need less maintenance.

The wall tiles are fuchsia, brown, gray, and white in color. And the quartz countertop is in white. 

Profile view of the shower
Front view of shower

The sink faucets, showerhead, and other hardware in the bathroom have been kept black for a unique look.

Front view of the W.C space
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez
Side view of the W.C space
Washing detail

Private terrace

Front view from above the terrace
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez

The semi-basement area has a terrace with a dimension of 11ft x 13.94ft; a total area of 153.25ft². Out of this, 4.92ft x 13.94ft is gray cobblestone floor and the rest is green area. This outdoor space helps to naturally illuminate and ventilate the basement guest room.

You can furnish the area with comfortable chairs, a wooden table, and cushions in gray, white, and black patterns. The architect has used blue wooden planks throughout — a design element that’s beautifully enhanced with lovely indoor as well as outdoor plants and evergreen shrubs. 

View with visual of the terrace, the living room and the bedroom.
By in-house architect Edna Ramírez
Side view of the terrace

Side view of the terrace

You can add interesting light fixtures to enhance the landscaping and fencing. 

Last thoughts

All of us hope for a little bit of extra space — especially an extra room that we can utilize as a guest room. If you’re blessed with a basement having good square footage, you can make your dream come true. All it takes is some good planning, creativity, and execution. 

We hope this basement guest room design by our architect will help fully utilize every inch of your basement in a practical and beautiful way. Such a basement bedroom is a wonderful way to not only create additional, usable space but also treat yourself to a quiet, cozy retreat — right at home.

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