Do you know that approximately 15% of adults are side-sleepers? Side sleeping is also very common in pregnant women being the best way to accommodate the bumps of the growing baby. Research has shown that side sleeping is also the healthiest. The spinal alignment is one of the top reasons as side sleeping helps to align the shoulders, the spine, as well as the pelvis. Side sleeping is also known for helping to minimize the pressure points on the neck, the lower back, as well as the other sensitive areas. Another benefit of side sleeping is that its best position for airway circulation, and can be beneficial for the people with sleep apnea as well as the heavy snorers.  

To enjoy these benefits of side sleeping in full, users need to consider purchasing the best type of mattress for side sleepers — that provides maximum comfort and adequate support. In most instances, the side sleepers prefer a soft mattress. this is because together with the best side sleeper pillow, the mattress cushions the hips and the shoulders. This is important for appropriate alignment hence ensuring comfort through the night. For the heavier side sleepers, they prefer a mattress that is firmer so that it will not sink too deeply. The composition material is also important as some mattress types provide a firm cushioning with better support compared to the others.

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Are you a side sleeper? Are you interested in purchasing the best luxury mattress for side sleepers? Choosing the right mattress for side sleepers is quite overwhelming as there are several things that you ought to factor. 

Let us now feature how to choose the best type of mattress for the side sleepers. Here are the most important factors that are involved in choosing a mattress.

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Determine the type of mattress you want

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The first step in purchasing a mattress is to consider the type of mattress that you want to purchase. There are different types of mattress available for the side sleepers, for instance, we have the foam mattress, the memory mattress, latex mattress, coil mattress and also the pillow top mattress that are suitable for side sleepers. With so many mattress variations available in the market today, it might seem difficult purchasing the right one.

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How much are you willing to spend on a New Mattress?

The budget also determines the appropriate mattress for side sleepers. This might vary from one person to another. You can find different types of mattresses that are suitable for the side sleepers online. Therefore, just shop according to your budget, but remember that comfort and good support are important factors when purchasing the mattress. when choosing the right mattress according to your budget, remember that price does not equal the quality suitable for the side sleepers needs. However, do not go ultra cheap when purchasing the mattress. in the need, you need to go for value for money spent.

Consider the Firmness Level Needed

By firmness, we are referring to how hard or soft the mattress feels. When purchasing online, ask the dealer how firm the mattress on the image is. The feel and the firmness of the mattress can be described as soft, medium, and firm.

The rating is highly subjective and when choosing the mattress, considers the body type, the weight, the size, and the other factors that could determine the feel. Do not confuse support with firmness. A mattress that offers good support is one that keeps the spine in proper alignment without creating the pressure points. A mattress that does not offer good support means that the spine is not in good alignment and so there are chances that you will wake up in pain. The firmness level relates to the level of comfort that the mattress will offer.

For a light side sleeper, the soft foam mattress is appropriate. This is since the lighter side sleepers put less amount of pressure. For the heavier side sleepers, a very firm mattress will support the body since there is a high amount of pressure while asleep.

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How Long Do You Stay on the Same Side Sleeping Position

Most side sleepers will not always remain in the same position for long. In most circumstances, they will rotate the legs, or turn to the other side. If you are a side sleeper who constantly changes positions, you might prefer the soft to medium level firmness. Consider that a soft mattress for the side sleepers relieves the pressure points on the neck and the back. The firmness feel is incredible for the side sleepers and they also require a mattress that is soft enough to contour to the body curves. A mattress that is too firm will not contour to the shape of the side sleeper. This results in a lack of support creating pressure points to the lower back hence resulting in pain.

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What are Your Sleeping Habits?

Do not take your sleeping habits for granted when choosing the right mattress for the side sleepers. To choose the right mattress for your sleeping habits, it is important you consider your sleeping habits.  We have the active sleepers who are mostly the young adults entering 20s and they don’t experience the issues like fatigue, and weariness. Thus, a latex mattress for side sleepers would be an appropriate choice. For the early risers, these are people who work for more than 40 hours a day and therefore more likely to feel fatigued when it is time to go to bed. These will require a foam mattress for the side sleepers that is best for relieving joint and muscle pain as well as soreness. For side sleepers with heavy snoring problems, buy a supportive memory foam mattress to promote proper alignment of your neck and head.

When purchasing a mattress, it is important you consider the bed size. Apart from relying on comfortable sleeping surface, it is also important you buy the right size bed. The bed and the mattress should bond well in terms of size.

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