If we all had our way, all of us would have a swimming pool in the backyard. The truth is, few things are as wonderful to have in our homes as a swimming pool. With a pool just a few steps away from your house, you have your own refuge whenever the summer months become warmer than usual to the point where just a little movement makes you sweat profusely.

Of course, no one would want that kind of heat, but should your thermometer hit that high, you can take comfort knowing you have a swimming pool that will keep you and your family cool. Have the number of an excellent pool service, and you will be able to enjoy your pool every day of the year, all without a hitch.

While there would be no question about the value of your swimming pool to you, there is always the lingering question of does a swimming pool add value to your house, or not?

Pools don’t come cheap

In the United States, building a 600-sq.-ft. concrete swimming pool could cost upwards of $30,000. That figure covers its installation, equipment, and filling.

With the installation of safety fences as required by most states, landscaping, and lighting, the cost of building a swimming pool will only rise. There’s also the filtration system, heating, and overall maintenance to think about.

Now let’s say you spent almost a hundred grand building your pool with all the necessary bells and whistles. Would you be right to expect that all this effort and expense would add to the overall value of your home when the time to put it on the market comes?

The answer would be both no and yes.

Truth be told, some home buyers would likely think twice about buying a home with a pool. While they may flirt with the idea at first (because, seriously, who doesn’t wish for a ready-made pool in the backyard?), they could eventually realize that the cost of its upkeep is going to be such a pain in the neck.

However, if a potential buyer’s desire to have his or her own private swimming pool outweighs any and all concerns about maintenance, then your pool will definitely add value to your home.

Aside from having a potential buyer bent on having a home with a swimming pool no matter what, there are other circumstances where a swimming pool can also boost your home’s value.

Anyone with the budget can build a pool, but it takes a homeowner with superb taste to get a gorgeous-looking pool built. Apart from the design of the pool itself, the way it complements your home and the entire neighborhood could be factors that may boost your home’s value.

If you’re a swimming pool owner who loves his or her pool, then you would not be remiss in maintaining it. A well-maintained pool can help your home fetch a higher price. Buyers will be drawn in by its cleanliness, the clear water, and the perfectly running filtration and heating system, and will probably acquire your home at a fair price that you set.

The age of your swimming pool will also matter. You can’t expect to recoup your expenses in building and maintaining your pool if you’ve had it for two decades. However, if your pool is only a couple of years old and in near-pristine condition, you stand a better chance of selling your house at a higher price.

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A swimming pool’s true value

It’s perfectly normal for us to put a price tag on building and maintaining a swimming pool. That cost, after all, is very real and quite tangible.

The true value of a swimming pool, however, lies in its ability to impact not only your family’s life but also that of people who will own your home in the future.

For one, a swimming pool in your backyard gives you countless opportunities to bond with your family. There is no doubt about how much your children will love you if you had a pool built for them. They can jump in anytime they want and even invite their friends over so they can all have a good time.

Aside from the brownie points from your children, you and your loved ones will also get an effective and fun way of working out. Just dive into the pool and swim as many laps as you can, and you will get to stay fit without putting any kind of stress on your joints.

Of course, one of the best parts about owning a swimming pool is that you have an honest-to-goodness party place right there in your backyard. You can have BBQ weekends and share a beer or two with your closest friends and relatives, all within the confines of your home.

Indeed, having a swimming pool adds value to your home in more ways than one.

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