The ancient Chinese system of Feng shui (literally “wind-water”) is all about harnessing the powerful flow of chi (or life energy) in our physical environment. Put these feng shui quick tips to use, and start creating more welcoming and harmonious spaces in your home.

Welcome good energy into your home  

According to the principles of feng shui, the entrance to your house is of vital importance in controlling the flow of chi into your home. Ideally, the path to your front door should be winding, in order to help slow and calm any overpowering chi. Also, try to keep your porch and door area well swept, clean, and clutter free to avoid blockages. Extra touches such as lights and plants also help to keep this space vibrant and inviting.

Increase work productivity

Feng shui offers many commonsense tips on how to create a stimulating, comfortable, and focused environment in your home study. One main tip is that the ideal position for a work desk is the feng shui “commanding position,” which means that you should have a good view of the door into your office from your desk seat and a solid wall behind you to give you a sense of security.

Balance your bedroom

In the bedroom, feng shui is all about balance. One key tip is to maintain symmetry – allow equal distance on each side of the bed, and match double elements such as bedside tables and lamps to encourage harmonious relationships. Similarly, keep your sleeping space restful by removing active elements, such as televisions and computers, and reflective elements, such as mirrors, especially if they are placed opposite the bed as this discourages peaceful sleep.

Open your doors to nature

Introducing plants is a great way to boost the flow of chi in your house and patio areas whilst also helping to purify the air. One of the best-known feng shui plants is bamboo, which is a symbol of good luck. Positioning plants such as this one next to computers and other electrical devices is also said to dissipate EMF pollution.

Work with the five elements

An important aspect of feng shui is to maintain a balance of nature’s key elements: wood, earth, fire, metal, and water. Try introducing these five elements into each room in some form – this could be as simple as adding some candles for fire, simple metal picture frames, and natural wood furniture.

The bagua map

If you want to delve a bit deeper into feng shui, you can familiarize yourself with the bagua map and find the symbolism of each room. The bagua map highlights which areas of your house are related to the following areas of life: relationships, children, helpful people, career/path in life, self-knowledge, family, prosperity, and health.

By positioning the bagua map over a floor plan of your home or a specific room, you can determine where the bagua areas are in your own space, and then work to cleanse and energize them.

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