A balanced Feng Shui bedroom should encourage harmony, calmness and sensual energy. The bedroom should be your relaxing sanctuary because you do the most important thing in there – sleep. A qualitative sleep means a qualitative life.

Below you can find tips and tricks on how to create a bedroom that looks great and helps you rest and getting rid of the negative energy accumulated during the day.

Feng Shui is the art of arrangement. It teaches how different placement of objects in space can increase the flow of Chi energy and affect your life and mood positively. Feng Shui is all about creating energy flow. In order to achieve harmony, you should incorporate all five elements into your home – water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Incorporate green plants

best plants for bedroom


Plants are amazing natural air purifiers. By producing oxygen, they create air flows in the bedroom. Plants also create wholeness with nature within the comfort of your bedroom. And the natural environment will invite balance in your home. Popular plants in Feng Shui are bamboo and jade plant.

Bamboo is a traditional Chinese symbol in poetry and art. It removes negative thoughts and energy. It encourages resilience and strength among people and it’s also considered a token of luck.  

Jade plant is a token of money and success and attracts prosperity. The plant can positively affect any aspect of your life. However, according to Feng Shui, you shouldn’t let it grow more than a meter, because it can disturb the Chi balance in the bedroom.

If these choices are not your favourite ones, or doesn’t work with your decor, you can decorate with different plants. Excellent places to put plants in the bedroom are above wardrobes, dressers or in the corners of the room. These areas are often filled with dust which creates dead energy that can disrupt the balance of the room. Placing plants there will turn the negative energy into a positive one.

Add different shapes

Different geometric shapes represent different elements according to Feng Shui. Squares represent earth, rectangles represent wood, triangles represent fire, wavy materials and spirals represent water and circles represent metal. Adding all these shapes in the bedroom will help you achieve harmony.

It’s not as hard as it sounds. For example, you can place a metal clock, add some wavy-textured wall art, square stools, rectangle and triangle candles. Use your imagination and make it as personal as you can.

Check these Home Additions To Help You Relax

Bed arrangement

The bed is the centre of your bedroom. It’s the most important furniture and it’s essential to position it in a way that provokes good Chi flow in the bedroom. Place your bed in a way that can be accessible from both sides. Place two bedside tables, on each side. A balanced bed should have a thick headboard and high-quality mattress and sheets.

Position the bed diagonally or across the door. You should be able to see the door while lying in the bed. If that’s not possible to achieve, you can place a mirror in a way that you can see the door in it. Make sure you don’t see yourself in it, though. You can hire professional furniture assemblers to help you with fitting and moving furniture around if necessary.

Don’t keep unnecessary clutter just because you don’t know where to store it. Check out these storage ideas that will work great even in a small bedroom.

Clean and fresh air

essential oils

Be mindful for the quality of the air in the bedroom. Open windows more often. The fresh air from the outside will circulate and bring movement into your bedroom. The air will create a good energy flow.

However, some living conditions don’t predispose this in some polluted or noisy areas. Even if that’s your case, you can get an air purifier. It’ll work excellent restoring the Chi balance in the room.

Essential oils can also help you purify the air. Some of them even have healing properties and smell really good.

Natural lighting

bedroom window

You should already know that Feng Shui is all about energies. Light is the greatest manifestation of energy. The lighting in your bedroom, no matter if it’s natural or artificial influence the balance of your home.

Make sure you open the curtains during the day. Put a light in corners and areas that natural light doesn’t reach. Add some candles to create a cozy atmosphere. Have various levels of lighting in the bedroom, or use a dimmer switch to regulate it.

Get rid of electronics

These days, everybody owns computers, phones, TVs, and tablets. According to Feng Shui, f you want to achieve a fully harmonized bedroom space, you should remove any kind of gadgets from your bedroom. Electronics emit strong energy which isn’t always positive.

The bedroom should be a relaxing area and all these gadgets can be disruptive to your sleep. The bedroom shouldn’t be the place where you work, chat and check your emails during the night.

Electronics are not all bad. They provide you with the ability to work from home, enjoy movies and music and have a meaningful conversation with your loved ones. But their place is definitely not in the bedroom!

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Take of your shoes

Removing your shoes when entering your home is a common Asian tradition. This is because low-level energies tend to settle on a ground level. Some of that negative energy can be transferred to your home if you walk around your house with shoes on.  

Also, why would you want to walk all over your house with dirty shoes?  Especially in your bedroom? Removing your shoes at the front door will also help you keep your house cleaner.

Get rid of clutter

declutter bedroom

If your home is dirty and cluttered, you’re leaving negative Chi flow. If your bedroom is cluttered this can mean that you have a lot of stuff that you don’t necessarily need, use or love. In this case, you’ll just have to let the things you don’t need to go.

If your wardrobe is cluttered as well, take some time and go through all of your clothes. Figure out what you don’t wear, and get rid of it.

A fun fact: There is a Japanese legend that tells if you collect a lot of things in your home that you don’t use or love, a hundred years later, these things will turn into demons.

The ideal Feng Shui bedroom may imply completely different things to different types of people. The most important thing is that YOU feel good in it. So don’t take everything written here as it’s mandatory. Alter those tips and improvise with your decor, so you can create YOUR perfect bedroom.

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