The electrical system in a modern home is an arrangement of wires. Upon installation, this system provides the electricity your household needs to function. The power from the electric pole travels to your electric meter. The circuit breaker distributes the electricity through wiring circuits leading to your rooms, appliances, and light fixtures. This flow of power can malfunction or experience interruptions at times.

Below are a few parts of your electrical system that a home warranty will likely cover.

Junction boxes and wiring

Have you ever wondered what the most hardworking part of the electrical system is? It’s the wiring. This crucial part of the system delivers the power from the electric grid to your home. Wiring does not last forever. It also wears out, cracks, and basically gets old.

Junction boxes and wiring go together. The junction box encases the electrical connections. You can find these junction boxes behind electrical sockets and light switches.

Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers

Several circuit breakers are in one electrical panel. Every breaker has a series of switches that each turn off the power to a particular area of the house as soon as it senses too much current. There are occasions when there is only one circuit breaker in need of replacement or repairs on an electric panel, or several may not be turning off or functioning well anymore.


This part of your home’s electrical system receives electricity from the grid. It then distributes the electricity through the circuit breakers and fuses to the different parts of your home. Opening these panels will show you about 20-30 switches.

You can turn on or turn off the flow of electricity at the electric panel. Repairing or replacing an electric panel must happen if the circuit breakers do not turn off in one area of the house due to a current overload. You can prevent electrical fires by having home warranty technicians check out your electrical panels when there’s an issue.


These electrical components protect your home’s electrical system. Each one shields your appliances and electrical circuits from overloading. Large currents could travel through your home’s electrical panels, and fuses regulate these power surges.

Why does a fuse become blown? This happens when a big current flows through a fuse, and the fuse cannot handle it. This will require a fuse replacement. A home warranty technician will also check and repair the larger problem behind the blown fuse. 

Exhaust and ceiling fans

ceiling fan warranty

A home warranty can also cover issues in exhaust or ceiling fans. Exhaust fans pull odors from inside the house and bring them outside. Ceiling fans keep the air flowing inside. These important parts of the home can malfunction as well. A home warranty technician will take care of any needed repairs or replacements.

Electrical issues not covered by a home warranty

A good home warranty can cover most problems that affect your home’s built-in systems and major appliances. Even so, some situations can make an electrical component ineligible for home warranty coverage. This often comes as a surprise to many home warranty holders. Below are the most common reasons that a home warranty might turn you down for coverage claims.

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Systems that broke before you got home warranty coverage

Some homeowners have no idea if all their electrical components are in top shape. They could get a home warranty not knowing some of the components have broken down already. Home warranties will not cover any pre-existing problems in these electrical systems. Make sure your electrical system is in optimal shape before getting a home warranty.

“Acts of God” or accidents

A home warranty will not cover electrical system damages due to any form of accident, a natural disaster, or an odd incident. For example, your coverage will not pay for a delivery truck accidentally backing up against where your circuit breaker is and damaging it. It will not cover damages from flooding or hurricane damages either. For such cases, homeowner’s insurance will apply.

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Incorrect maintenance

electrical maintenance

Proper maintenance is vital whether or not you get a home warranty. The warranty will cover everyday wear and tear to your systems, but it won’t cover devices that have broken due to misuse or lack of regular maintenance.

Home warranty can cover electrical issues caused by natural wear

You will have peace of mind about electrical issues with a home warranty. This means you wouldn’t need to spend more than you need to. Of course, knowing the circumstances leading to coverage ineligibility will be helpful as well. Keep all of this in mind as you decide whether to go for a home warranty.

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My father used to say that insurance is a waste for not covering “acts of God”. Remembering my dear old man, I can’t believe it was so short-minded, one should insure a house first and foremost, and more so the electrical part. But that phrase made me remember sweet things from my childhood, hahaha