Trees are beautiful, particularly in the fall, as their leaves turn orange and yellow. After that, though, cleaning the leaves from your lawn can be a frustrating and seemingly endless task. If you’ve got a good electric leaf blower, though, then it can be a much quicker and easier task, and perhaps even a fun activity that you might look forward to!

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But what is the best leaf blower out there? We have done all the research you might need, and here are a few of their top tips and best picks for electric leaf blowers in 2020. So, if you want to know more about electric leaf blowers and what to look out for, read on below to find out what the folks at Occupy The Farm would recommend!

Types of Leaf Blowers

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The two main categories of leaf blowers out there are gas-powered leaf blowers and electric leaf blowers. Within those two categories, however, there are five different types of leaf blowers available on the market in 2020.

Corded electric leaf blowers

Corded electric leaf blowers are the smallest and lightest model of leaf blower available, and can often be used one-handed. They’re easy to use, particularly if you have a lower level of arm strength, and also produce a very low level of exhaust emissions, thanks to their compact electrical motors. The one disadvantage of this type of leaf blower is that it requires a power cord, giving a restricted working range and limiting your movements a bit.

Cordless electric leaf blowers

Cordless electric leaf blowers are similar, but contain a battery instead of requiring a corded power source. That means that they are slightly bulkier and heavier units, but they are much more mobile and have no limit to their operational range as a result.

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Gas-powered backpack leaf blowers

Gas-powered backpack leaf blowers are large, heavy pieces of equipment, but they offer an impressive level of cleaning power to make up for that. They have better control than smaller models, and are cheaper than most electric leaf blowers, but are very loud when operational.

Gas-powered wheeled blowers

Gas-powered wheeled blowers are the largest and heaviest type of leaf blower available, with the most powerful engines. These tools take up around 8 feet of storage space and often weigh over 100 pounds, but if you’re dealing with a large enough yard then it might just be worth it.

Gas-powered handheld leaf blowers

Gas-powered handheld leaf blowers are small and portable, but they are much louder than any electric model. They’re relatively high maintenance and high effort, but a little more powerful than electric equivalent models.

We’re going to be looking at electric models here, both corded and cordless models.

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What to look for in a Leaf Vacuum

One of the most important things to keep an eye out for when choosing an electric leaf blower is a variable speed control. You’ll want to be able to blast harder when covering hard surfaces and open areas, and more gently when cleaning delicate flower beds.

You’re also going to want an easily accessible emergency stop option, particularly if you’re using a larger model of leaf blower. These can do quite a lot of damage if something goes wrong, so being able to shut the power off in an emergency is important!

The big things you’re going to need to look out for, though, are the safety certifications and warranties. Full certification labels and an authentic, verified warranty are extremely important to ensure that your tools are completely safe to use!

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Best Electric Leaf Blowers

One of the best electric leaf blowers out there is the Greenworks single speed corded electric blower. This is a smooth, easy to use little thing with an eco-friendly, low volume motor and a high-quality casing. It even comes with a full 4 years of warranty!

The Black and Decker 3 in 1 electric leaf blower is another great choice, with a range of different functions covering leaf blowing, vacuuming, and leaf mulching, all in a small handheld device. It’s compact and low volume, and easy to use for any of the 3 different functions!


There are many different types of electric leaf blowers out there, but these are just a few of the best. It’s a huge field and one that’s seeing more technological advances every single year!

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It’s a smooth, easy to use little thing with an eco-friendly, low volume motor and a high-quality casing.