We agree that a headboard can create a great focal point in your bedroom — adding a stylish element to your bed. But, do you always need a headboard for your bed? NO. With a little bit of creativity and artistic vision, you can use some clever headboard alternatives that will make your room look completely unique.

Just as a headboard functions, these cool headboard alternative ideas too will add comfort, especially when you want to lean back to relax or read your favorite bestseller. And, depending on the size and style of the headboard alternatives, you can make your room appear larger or smaller.

Another advantage that these headboard alternatives give is that while the traditional headboards can be expensive, these are not. There’s no need for you to break your home remodeling budget just for an upholstered or traditional headboard. 

In fact, some of these creative headboard ideas are so simple that you can turn them into your weekend DIY projects. 

Whether you like an ornate bedroom or a minimalistic one — such unconventional headboard options are endless. So, let’s check out some rocking headboard alternatives for your bedroom. 

1. Let a rug frame your bed


When you want your bedroom to look minimalist without the quintessential headboard, you can utilize a contemporary rug to frame your bed. The look is simple and stylish. Plus, you get to spice up the blank wall behind your bed in a unique, inexpensive way. 

2. Design a wall of books

Here’s a unique headboard idea for a book lover. Put up a wall of open books behind your bed instead of a typical headboard. Keep them glued and tacked to your drywall or a sheet of wood. You can rest your head on something that interests you the most! Neat, isn’t it? 

3. Add a rustic touch with wood

If you want to do away with a headboard but want to give your bedroom the necessary focal point, you can use rustic-looking wooden planks or reclaimed wood pallets. And, while you’re at it, you can continue the arrangement all the way to the ceiling. 

4. Install a bookshelf behind your bed

Bookshelves, or any open shelving for that matter, make a great headboard alternative. Apart from providing you sufficient storage space to display your personal items such as books, photographs, artwork, and decorative pieces, it gives your room a streamlined look.

5. Get artwork to define your bed

Bedroom art

A large piece of art behind your bed will definitely give your room a quirky vibe. Apart from brightening up the entire bed of course. Just make sure that you’re using a graphic, printed artwork and not an expensive canvas oil painting with a glass frame. Such a piece of art will suit your living room more. 

6. Create a ledge

bedroom decor ideas

You can create a low wall or a ledge behind your bed. The protrusion can function not only as an open shelf to display your decoratives or routine bedroom items but also as a continuous headboard — running the entire length of your bed frame. We love how a wooden ladder and fairy lights on the low wall give the room a funky look. 

7. Upcycle your wooden shutters

You can arrange your old wooden window shutters to create a custom look for your bedroom. The reclaimed wood windows will add a rustic farmhouse and shabby chic vibe while making your bed the focal point. 

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8. Use a window in lieu of a headboard

Headboard idea

A backdrop of a window — with a bright curtain or a decorative tapestry — is a fantastic way of decorating the head of your bed. The best part is, your bed will be showered with natural light. And, the next best thing is, you can choose your window dressing from the many different fabrics and patterns available in the market. 

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9. Display memorabilia of your family pictures

Bedroom wall

When you don’t like the idea of a conventional headboard, you can create an accent wall of colored or black and white pictures, hung on string lights. The whole look is simply fantastic, to say the least. Plus, the lights give a nice glow to your bed. 

10. Use your bedroom furniture as a headboard

Bedroom furniture

Sometimes, you can use a piece of furniture to create an illusion of a headboard. Remember to place the fixture just behind the bed, in the center. If you think your bedroom wall needs a more elaborate decor, you can always up to its glam quotient with hanging lights. 

Last words

While decorating your bedroom, you might not want to have a typical bed with a typical headboard. But, that’s okay. There are plenty of headboard alternative solutions available for unique home decor. All you have to do is create something unique and original. 

We hope these headboard alternatives will help you do just that. So, whether you’re on a fixed budget, are an enthusiastic DIYer, or just think differently in terms of room decor, these fabulous budget-friendly ideas will inspire you for your bedroom decorating project!

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