Cleaning and maintaining a pool is necessary, but taking care of your pool equipment is also essential. If the pool equipment is in excellent condition, they work effectively and help you to maintain your pool.

Every pool owner needs to monitor the health of their pool and maintain their pool equipment. If you check your pool water and the equipment, you will be able to know what needs cleaning and what needs repair. There are many things in a pool that needs regular maintenance and proper care to function properly. This article explains some essential tips to take care of your pool equipment.

Clean the skimmer basket

The skimmer basket is located on the side of the pool, and it skims the surface of the water. The skimmer skims the water surface to pick up the debris and other things before they sink in the water and reach the bottom. More the stuff it skims off from the pool water more is the effectiveness of skimmer basket.

Any unwanted stuff that enters your pool enters at the surface. When the skimmer cleans the surface all the debris, leaves and other material gets caught in the basket. If not cleaned regularly, it gets blocked and cannot clean the surface adequately.

Once a week you should open the skimmer basket and dump all the contents to keep it clean all the time. Regular cleaning and dumping the materials will allow it to work effectively and prevent the clean the debris from the pool water.

Clean the hair and lint pot

The hair and lint pot is there at the front of the pump. It collects the lint and hair and needs cleaning every week if the pool is frequently used. To clean the hair and lint pot, turn off the pump to release the pressure.

The hair and lint pot has a pump basket which acts as a pre-filter and strains out the particles. Take out the bucket and clean all its contents. Some systems have a leaf basket or a debris catcher which also needs cleaning regularly. Clean the leaf basket or the debris catcher once a week or as required.

Check the Chlorinator

Some pools have an inline chlorinator in which we put the chlorine tablets for chlorination of the pool water. Sometimes the chlorinator gets clogged which needs to be checked and cleaned for proper chlorination of water.

Pool owners should also check the level of chlorine tablet levels. If the level is low, add the required amount of chlorine tablets.

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Check your pool Ozonator

Some pools have an Ozonator or UV whose function is to reduce the amount of chlorine that your pool uses. You should check once a week whether the Ozonator is working correctly or not. Check whether the light is on or not. In case the light is off there may be some problem with the device. In case the Ozonator is not working, you should call a pool care equipment professional, to check it and fix the problem.

Clean the Pool filter

The pool filter is an essential component of the pool care equipment. If you don’t use the pool frequently, you can clean the filter every three months. However, if you and your family use the pool daily, you should clean the filter every 10 or 15 days. In case of a storm or rain, you should clean the filter on the next day.

Pool Vacuum Cleaner

If you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your pool, you need to take care of it. Cleaning the filters of vacuum cleaner is essential as they are the components which catch all the debris from your pool. If you don’t know how to clean a vacuum cleaner, you can call a professional. If the filters are entirely blocked or damaged, you might need to change the filters.

robotic pool cleaner

Usually, checking and cleaning the filter after two to three sessions is excellent. However, if you vacuum your pool too frequently, you should replace your vacuum filter every six months. You always have the option to call the customer care of your vacuum cleaner company to have their executive for replacement of filters.

Final words

Pool care equipment is the set of machines and devices that cleans and maintains a pool. You don’t need to know everything to take care of your pool equipment. The pool care agencies are there to help you out in case you face any issues with the devices.

If you are living in Perth, the pool companies in Perth offer professional help to clean and maintain your pool. However, following the above tips in this post will help you to manage your pool equipment.

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