Have you ever had a time when one of your guests spilled his drink or anything as such on your newly bought sofa and you just can’t stop regretting it? Eventually, it happens a lot and then you need to figure out the proper ways to clean sofa upholstery. However, it is easy to clean with the help of proper tips. Knowing the proper ways to clean the sofa upholstery is eventually going to be quite beneficial especially when you have pets or kids. And the best part is that you could do a proper cleaning using the household items in your home only.

Most of the times, you are in luck if you have a leather couch because it barely soaks anything, and you could easily clean any kind of dirt or other things from it. It’s quite easy to clean and barely requires any efforts. However, if the sofa is made from other materials, from where the stains are hard to remove, it actually becomes a challenge to clean.

Sofas come in different materials and if you are not having the knowledge to clean it, just don’t begin with it in the first place. You don’t want to ruin the fabric of your sofa in any case, do you? With the help of some proper tips, eventually, you might be able to do it.

I have had some of the most common issues with the cleaning of sofas myself. And the bolt from the blue came that I had a cream-colored sofa and one of my infant cousin vomited over it. Now the sofa wasn’t of leather and that meant the stain might become permanent. But eventually, with some of the things I did, I was thankfully able to remove that stain. Let me tell you what tips I as a cleaning professional followed:

Check your Sofa’s Label

Your sofa has a unique manufacturer, everybody knows that. But you would notice one more thing. The time you discover the label on the sofa, you are going to find that the manufacturer would have already mentioned the proper way of cleaning the sofa. There are different ways of doing it and eventually, each sign refers to different ways of cleaning. Let me tell you how it goes:

W – This sign refers that you can easily use normal water for cleaning your sofa.

S or P – These alphabets refer that you can only use a solvent based cleaner on your sofa to dry-clean it.

SW – This refers that both the water as well as the solvent are fine for cleaning. And yes, you can use steam also.

X – This sign refers to the use of vacuum cleaner only on the sofa. Such type of sofas don’t need regular cleaning and are kind of hard to clean.

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Get your sofa ready for cleaning

sofa cleaning

Before you are beginning the process to clean your sofa, make sure you keep the things like baking soda, carpet cleaner, Damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner (with a brush attached) ready.

  1. First of all, before you go to the stain, pick up all the cushions and other items on your sofa and keep them separate.
  2. Now, take your vacuum cleaner and just vacuum any kind of dust particles and other entities which might bring hurdles to your cleaning process.
  3. Now it is time for you to take your baking soda and sprinkle it over the whole sofa. (Note: We always recommend you to try it over a smaller area first just to make sure that it is working finely).
  4. Once it is done, let the baking soda be there for about 15-20 mins so that it soaks in the unclean elements of the sofa and takes the bad smell away.
  5. Now after you have waited enough, you just need to vacuum the baking soda. You could even use a cloth to clean the baking soda off your sofa.

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Now, let me tell you the next process.

How to clean the sofa upholstery:

For this process, you need a few more materials like warm water, washing liquid, soft brush, a spoon and a clean cloth.

  1. First, use a jug to take 1/4th of the jug with washing liquid and the rest 3/4th of the part with warm water.
  2. Now, mix the mixture to create foam all over.
  3. Take your soft brush from the list of items I asked you to arrange and rub the foam over the stain on your sofa. The dirt would be removing at this point now.
  4. Now, you don’t want the dirty foam over your sofa again, right? Clean it with the spoon.
  5. Now as you repeat the process (if needed), make sure it is completely removed. As soon as it is done, use the clean cloth to wipe any kind of the liquid from the sofa. Any of the material left on the sofa should now be cleaned.

Note: We always recommend you to use white towels, because the colored towels might alter the color of the sofa if their dye comes off.

Note #2: If you have an even tougher stain which is not at all going away, at the place of washing liquid foam, make sure you add vinegar too which makes it easier for you to clean any kind of tough stains.

Note #3: Most of the people would like to wipe any kind of stain immediately after it is made on the sofa. Suppose if an infant throws up on a sofa (like in my case), don’t press and wipe the stain with towel because it is eventually going to be absorbed by the sofa’s fabric. Rather, wipe it gently so that you don’t ruin your sofa in any case.

So, these were some of the things which you could eventually try out for yourself if you need to clean sofa upholstery. I have personally tried them and shared these tips on personal experience. Make sure you follow the same steps. To know more call on 1300 068 194.

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