If there’s one place you want to feel completely at home, it’s in your kitchen. Most of us spend a great deal of time there. Our kitchens are where we create the most delicious of recipes for our family, where we gather to make plans and enjoy each other’s company. Does your kitchen make you happy? Could it do with a little TLC? We recommend revamping your space with some wonderful kitchen colors.

In fact, painting your kitchen in a happy and trendy color is an easy and sure-shot way of giving your kitchen a new look. As compared to a complete kitchen remodel, changing its color is an affordable way to spruce up your space. The former might end up increasing your kitchen renovation cost, while all you need for the second option are some paint cans — and genius color ideas!

The right color palette shapes a room’s personality too. To help you choose the best color for your kitchen, we have 10 great kitchen colors that will make spending time in this space a pleasant and cheerful experience. So, pick up a painting brush or hire a qualified painter — and give your kitchen the much-needed makeover!

Kitchen colors:

1. Teal with white cabinetry

floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets

There is something so soothing about this color. It brings the room alive yet not is overly bright. Combined with the starkness of white kitchen cabinets, sink, and kitchen island — your cooking space will exude a lovely, homey vibe. We love the double-hung window that lets in natural light to add to the room’s brightness.

2.  Reassuring pale green

Here’s another subtle color that accentuates a kitchen’s design. An advantage of pale green is that it goes well with any kind of decor. Here, a white ceiling, wooden flooring, brown cabinetry, and a dark-wood kitchen island seem to coexist beautifully. Don’t miss the light from the pendant lights bouncing off the shiny marble countertop.

3. Cheerful yellow

A great way to make your kitchen cheerful and happy is by painting it a bright yellow. We like how the mustard color brings a positive vibe to this minimalistic kitchen.

4. Pristine all-white kitchen

White kitchen

Nothing spells sophistication as loud as an all-white decor. This kitchen — with its white shutter windows, white ceiling, and the floor — is the epitome of elegance. It does take a lot to keep it clean though! We like how the LED pendant lights are illuminating the gray quartz countertops. If you’re going the pristine route, we recommend steel fixtures and appliances. They go best with white.

5. Comforting neutrals

Neutral kitchen

When you want to play it safe with colors, go for neutrals for your kitchen. There is a certain charm, a homeyness that comes with using these familiar hues. Whether it’s beige, ivory, taupe, or shades of white — they lend an airiness to any space. A perfect choice for an open concept kitchen, you can choose from the many undertones available in the market. All of them will look great.

6. Modern gray

Dark gray is one hue that perhaps wouldn’t come to your mind immediately when choosing a paint color for your kitchen. But, you may be wrong. A modern kitchen needs a modern mindset. Gray or even charcoal black looks great in a simple kitchen.

7. Dependable brown

Want a dependable color in your kitchen? Go for brown kitchen color. The color combination of brown walls and the cream-colored ceiling is a sure-shot winner. The chandelier adds a touch of elegance as it reflects light off a beautiful kitchen island with a marble countertop.

8. Calming powder blue

Here’s a kitchen color we absolutely love. The powder blue brings out the best in a kitchen — especially when it is paired with white. The combination makes the room look cheerful and positive. In fact, you can go for any shade of blue to create an interesting color scheme. The skylights add to the ambiance beautifully — letting in a lot of sun’s rays — casting a playful brightness across the room. The whole vibe of the space is very chic.

9. Statement-making red

For those who want to steer clear of boring, predictable kitchen colors — red is a great option. A word of advice though — never opt for an all-red decor. Too much of the bold color will add a gloominess to your space — something that must be avoided. Combine your red kitchen walls with neutral cabinetry and ceiling for a smart-looking kitchen.

10. Eye-catching olive green

Here’s another shade of green that will make your kitchen look beautiful. This olive green enlivens the space — it’s as though nature has stepped into your home to bring you its comfort. Add ornate French-style chandeliers, a Persian rug, and some comfortable chairs — and chances are, your kitchen will become your new favorite place. You can have all your get-togethers here and spend quality time with your friends and family.


Choosing new kitchen colors can be fun. If you still need convincing about certain hues, it’s best to try out your shortlisted colors in small patches first. Be sure to view them at different times of the day as the light shifts. When it comes to choosing the final one, don’t hesitate to think outside the box. You can choose any kitchen color as long as it makes you happy.

For a more vibrant high energy effect, consider choosing complementary colors. They embolden one another – think green & red, purple & yellow, black & white. Hope our color ideas help you choose a kitchen color scheme that appeals to you, is lovely and welcoming.

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I’ve been looking for a good kitchen painting service. I’m glad you talked about how the flooring is something to look at. I’m going to have to look for some different kitchen painting options and see what we can find!