Did you know that adding a mudroom to your house can help to increase the overall value of the property? A mudroom will not only get you a better selling price, if you choose to sell the property, but also be extremely useful for you. This article will give you some interesting mudroom design ideas that are easy on the pocket.

What is a mudroom in a house?

A mudroom is basically the secondary entrance hall of a house. It acts as an entryway that people would need to pass before entering the actual rooms. Usually, mudrooms are seen near front doors, kitchens and garages. A normal mudroom has a closet for coats, shoe racks and umbrella stands. The idea is to let people store the things that may otherwise make the house dirty or clumsy. A mudroom also has tile flooring instead of carpets to make it easier to clean.

Where is a mudroom located?

A mudroom is usually located near the front door or garage or kitchen of a house. It acts as a secondary entry hall that helps to keep the house clean. The main function of this room is to improve the overall cleanliness of a house.

Design tips to keep in mind

When it comes to mudroom design ideas, there is enough scope for your creativity to go a full swing. However, there are certain things that you need to remember in this regard.

1. Keep the theme consistent

Do not treat the mudroom as a completely separate entity in terms of home decor. You may want to maintain the basic interior design theme of the living room while trying to design the mudroom.

2. Have enough storage

An ideal mudroom needs to have sufficient storage space for shoes, umbrellas, and coats. You may want to install different types of cabinets to meet the storage requirement. Worried if this will impact the project budget? You can use our renovation cost estimator to get a fair idea of the total project cost.

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3. Install a stool

You may want to have a stool near the shoe rack to make it easy to remove and wear footwear. This will add to the overall experience of your guests when they visit your home. You can also have a mudroom bench.

4. Have tile flooring

While it is tempting to add a nice carpet on the floor of your mudroom to greet your guests, it is best to have a tile flooring. Tile flooring is easy to clean and will make your life simpler.

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5. Have a room freshener

Wet leather, dirty shoes and umbrellas can create an unpleasant smell. It is advised to keep a room freshener handy in the mudroom to ensure that your guests are greeted by a good refreshing smell.

6. Add some decor

While the mudroom isn’t where your guests will relax, it is definitely going to be the first sight of the interior of your house. It is a good idea to add some nice attractive decor to amplify the look and feel of the place.

7. Avoid making it too cramped

You will need to plan your renovation project per the space that you have in mind. There are several design tips that may seem tempting and attractive. However, the trick is to pick the ones that will not make the mudroom look too cramped. Click to learn more about smart storage solutions.

8. Have some live plants or flowers

You may want to have a live plant or a decorative flower vase with real flowers to add to the final look and feel of the room. This will also make the entryway of your house look more lively.

9. Choose the right furniture

You will need to have an umbrella stand, wall hooks to hang coats, shoe rack for footwear and a closet for coats hats in your mudroom. You may also want to install a mirror in one of the walls. This will act as a beautifying element as well as a utility object. Make sure you have sufficient storage area in the form of open shelves.

10. Plan your budget early and stick to it

The modern world doesn’t have any shortage of attractive mudroom design ideas. Like any other project, the fancier you go, the more you pay. You will need to stick to your budget throughout the renovation project to avoid spending more.

Interesting, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Pick the mudroom ideas you like best and get started on your mudroom renovation project today!

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