This pool and patio design allows us to observe elements that may go unnoticed but are part of the environment. Let’s see this design created by our architect:


The backyard on this pool and patio design is the open area that is generally limited by an enclosure on a plot but is located at the back of the house or as a retreat behind it.


Depending on the scale, the typology of the lot or house, and the local laws of the land, the size will vary. But it is considered most of the time the largest space in size extension, as it is generally sought to be a space that motivates recreation, or sometimes to make events such as celebrations of users with their loved ones, even pets. It is also for rest or for more intimate, contemplative, and decorative enjoyment, hence the relevance of its location. They tend to correspond more to the concept of the American model of single-family housing.

Backyard design

Next, after the aforementioned. It presents a pool and patio design that corresponds to the plot of the overall plan that presents article 1, located in the background and a part of the side green area of 29438.2ft² It has a swimming pool, a hard area for sunbathing, and a soft area of green areas, with plants, conditioned for multiple activities.

It is located next to the double-height volume of the house, which connects on the second floor with a covered terrace with an outdoor kitchen, and in front with the block of the house that connects with another covered terrace with an outdoor living room facing the pool.

The front yard comprises the following areas and dimensions of its activities. Area 2734.90ft².

pool and patio layout
Backyard Plant – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The front yard comprises the following areas and dimensions of its activities. Area 2734.90ft².

  • The swimming pool area, is 1379.44f².
  • Swimming pool with variable dimensions on its 5 sides, (filleted area in one corner). Total area 697.29ft².
  • Hard paved area for sunbathing, lounging, and sitting 63.374ft².
  • The perimeter of the hard floor area is in an “L” shape. Variable dimension, 3.80ft x 19.52ft; 7.40ft x 47.24ft. Area 423.82ft².
  • Hard furniture sunbathing area 12.30f x 20.99ft. Area 258.33ft².
  • Green areas 1355.46ft².
  • Left side. Variable dimensions 12.47ft x 42.98ft; 13.78ft x 13.30ft. Area 719.10ft².
  • Right side. Variable dimensions 12.47f x 24.93ft; 27.56ft x 11.81ft. Area 636.36ft².
patio design render
Side view from the right wall towards the pool – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez


The rear courtyard is accessed from two entrances that the house has, in each terrace one of the terraces, has each corner of the volumes on the lateral sides, which are connected by the portico corridors (6.23ft wide roofed and 6.56ft of rear facade), in addition to the side perimeters, which is where you access from the main facade to these roofed terraces of the main floor.

As can be seen from the previous image, there is an exit very close to the filleted area, towards the lower left area of the pool, where the steps to enter the pool are located.

It has a depth of 5.91ft, given its six steps that measure 0.98ft deep and 0.98ft high, to be able to sit, or shelter, to rest in that area, while you do not want to swim or float.

The steps inside the pool adopt the shape of the filleted area, measuring the first side 9.67ft, the middle one 15.42ft, and 8.76ft the other, and as it goes down the first side is increasing to the right 0.98ft per step reaching 11.98ft, remaining to the right 17.06ft, free, on the bottom side.

For the pool opening, the upper side is the longest 41.83ft, the right side 19.52ft, and the lower side facing the house 30.91ft, while the two remaining sides of the filleted corner measure 15.44ft and 8.60ft.

From the upper perimeter the back of the patio and to the right, we find a hard-paved floor area bordering those two sides and culminating with a social area, for resting, sharing, and sunbathing. The front side has a width of 8.04ft and a back area of 21.00ft x 12.30ft, and the right side has 5.41ft.


The pavements give a lighter language to the areas, differentiating the lighter tone with the connection to the house, and its covered terraces, and the darker tone with the activity area with the swimming pool. The design of the pavements is an alternating horizontal pattern, with a level of 0.49ft in height, concerning the lawn area.

At the bottom, a wall divided into 3 spaces, two concrete blocks on the lateral sides (4.92ft wide on each side, with a depth of 0.82ft), and wooden slats in the center (11.15ft wide, with 0.49ft deep), which serves as a finishing touch to the social area outside the pool. Its total dimension is 21.00ft wide x 10.99ft high.

On the sides, there is a rectangular black metal framed led light fixture on each side, measuring 0.712ft x 3.94ft, which is intended for ambient lighting, in conjunction with the porch ceiling lights of the house.

pool patio designs
View of the pool from the terrace on the right side. – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

In the center of the wall, there are eleven shelves, 1.64ft wide x 0.82ft deep and 0.16ft thick. Modulated in a centralized form, in three rows, separated at 1.188ft, between them, and being at the sides a distance of 2.07ft on each side concerning the concrete walls; while they alternate in location in height, so that four shelves are at the sides and three in the center.

Lightning of a pool and patio design

From the floor to the first two sides, they measure 1.95ft, then have a distance of 2.38ft to their last shelf. The central module starts at 3.23ft in height from the floor, then between the other shelves, it is 2.38ft. The idea is to create a dynamic rhythm, which generates shadows in the space during the day, and also to place some plants in pots on the shelves, with hanging leaves, which decorate the back wall.

At night under each shelf there are yellow LED lights, which complement the atmosphere and give a warm feeling to the space, reflecting on the green foliage of the plants and on the brown of the slats of the enclosure.

On the sides of the walls, we placed plants in larger black pots, to give more volume with heights of 3.28ft to 3.94ft. On the sides of that area, towards the green zone, palms from 3.94ft to 6.56ft in height.


The enclosure walls at the back and on the right side are modulated by clean concrete walls, in a very light tone (6.56ft x 6.56ft with 0.66ft thick), and with the same modulation, on the wall, a wooden panel, the same as the finishing wall. They are placed in an odd shape, to continue creating rhythms and contrasts.

In the 3.28ft height of the slatted walls, light fixtures are placed on the wall, in the shape of a triangle (0.35ft bottom side, 0.18ft top side, 0.49ft height), in black metal, with double light, to reflect on the wall, located on each side, top and bottom.

Shrubs, with lush green foliage, 5.91ft to 6.56ft tall, are placed on the concrete walls, along with a spotlight, placed close to the ground, to enhance their green foliage. This helps to cast shadow and color on the light concrete wall, which takes on a different texture at night, and during the day silhouette shadows in the sun.

The “L” perimeter of the dark pavement is made as a stage, under a border, which placed a white led light hose that illuminates and reflects, on the white tile finish in a linear pattern inside the pool.

The idea of the illumination of the bottom of these two sides in conjunction with the pool, forms a harmony between natural and artificial elements, which also help to give other sensations of the exterior and change between day and night.

pool design
Front view of the sunbathing and relaxing area of the pool. – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Furniture and decoration of pool and patio design

The patio furniture has a modern Boho style, with very orthogonal structures of light-colored wood, with thicknesses of 1.67ft in length and width, upholstered with resistant gray canvas and beige cushions.

Two single sofas (3.75ft x 3.25ft, 2.022ft high), one three-seater (8.37ft x 3.25ft, 2.02ft high), and two side tables (2.42ft x 2.42ft, 1.17ft high) and a coffee table (4.50ft x 2.42ft, double module). On top of a darker beige carpet keeping the palette very subdued, so that the colors of the lighting and vegetation (13.05ft x 10.12ft) vibrate more.

On each side on the green area in front of the perimeter strip of the pool floor, four modern armchairs (1.97ft x 5.13ft x 2.66ft), with curved lines of wood in a chocolate tone with a more textured, more waterproof central fabric in another beige tone. Two are located on each side at an angle toward the pool. Capacity for about 5 people seated and four reclinings (9 in total).

Finally, a sun umbrella with a white canvas roof, with a hexagonal shape, supported at each end by a central circular tube (8.69ft high with a thickness of 0.14ft radius), from which depart cylindrical bases at 7.26ft high, and from there 6 thinner tubes with rounded edges, which are the arms that support the canvas, placed radially from the center and supported at its tip in a taut manner from 8.53ft. Its base is also circular with a radius of 2.37ft.

patio main view
Backyard plant of nocturnal – By in-house architect Edna Ramirez


At the sides of each corner of the pool and patio design plot, we find a tree of medium size 236.2 to 314.9 inches, it is recommended that it does not have superficial roots, but is deep so that it does not damage any fenced pavement, even if it is in the green area. It is also of utmost importance that it does not visually close the landscaping and that it helps to finish off the space so that it looks as a whole as a continuous silhouette as a whole.

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