Regulating hot water usage can help when it comes to reducing your energy costs. The longer you use your heaters, the higher your power bills are. Remember, water heating is one of the biggest chunks in your family’s energy consumption. That’s why it’s no longer surprising why you need to learn the basics of heating your water more efficiently. Even if you have a defective water heater, there are still ways about how to reduce water usage and conserve on your bills later on. Here’s how you can regulate hot water usage to decrease energy costs.

1. Don’t leave the water unattended.

Do you usually leave the water running while you brush your teeth? If yes, then you may incur a high utility bill at the end of the month. Take note, all the extra minutes that you leave the water unattended can add up to your energy costs. Thus, you better make sure to shut the water off as soon as you’re finished with what you’re doing.

2. Minimize your time in the shower.

There are times that it’s too cold to get out from the shower especially if you’re using the hot water. Unfortunately, taking too much time in the shower may potentially increase your power bills. Hence, it’s best to look for other ways to keep yourself warm than staying longer inside your bathroom. Perhaps, you can prepare a big towel or robe for instance.

3. Lower your water heater’s temperature.

If you know how to reduce the temperature of your water heater, then you’re also about to decrease your energy consumption. When there’s a reduction in the temperature, you’re able to save a huge amount on your water heating costs.

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4. Use your dishwasher in an efficient manner.

Operate your dishwasher in a way that you can take advantage of its usage. For instance, you can decrease your bills by choosing a shorter wash cycle and by washing full loads. If you have a small load of dishes, refrain from using the dishwasher for saving energy costs.

5. Do your laundry resourcefully.

For most laundry loads, you can use cold water instead of hot water. That way, you’re allowing yourself to reduce your own hot water usage which means a lower energy bill to pay later on. In addition, be sure to rinse your clothes with cold water.

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6. Install a timer for your water heater.

If you want to lower your utility bills, installing a timer on your water heater will absolutely go a long way. You can have it set during night time or at times when you don’t actually use it. Not only that but you can also choose to turn the heater off if unused.

7. Take short showers.

For daily bathing, taking a short shower can help decrease your power bill. A long shower which uses more hot water means paying hundreds of dollars for your energy consumption. Thus, it’s best to stick with a short shower than spending too much. After all, you always have the option on how you can save from your utility expenses.

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8. Set up heat traps on your water heater tank.

By installing heat traps, you can then save a significant amount of money on your water heating bill. However, you may require the assistance of a professional to have it set up on your water heater tank. But if you’re still about to purchase a new water heater, you can select one which includes heat traps.

9. Buy low-flow fixtures.

You can save a lot on your hot water usage if you buy and install low-flow fixtures. Nowadays, there are showerheads and faucets which have low-flow rates. Hence, even if it’s just a small investment on your part, you can save on energy costs brought about by your water heater.

10. Repair leaks.

A leaking hot water faucet means you’re both wasting water and energy. In fact, a leak of one drip can even cost you a lot of money. Thus, it’s important to have your plumbing fixtures fixed as soon as possible to avoid wasting up to 800 liters of hot water every month. You may call a professional plumber to fix these leaks.


In conclusion

Essentially, your savings on your energy costs will more likely depend on your family’s habits. Meaning, the more you use your water heater even if it’s not really necessary, the more you’re going to spend hundreds of bucks on your power bills every year. But now that you have these tips in mind, there’ll be no reason for you not to decrease your energy costs. You just need to make sure your water heater is in good shape to help you regulate your hot water usage. And if it’s defective, you can call an experienced technician for a water heater repair.

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